Modern house design with antique look


This house design surely comes straight out of a fairy tale. Nestled on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay in US, the house was built by Architect J.S. Lovering Wharton along with Artist William Trost Richards. The Clingstone House (probably named because it “clings” to a little rocky island) stands out against its surroundings of water and the distant city shore and has a 360-degree view of the ocean. In 1961, Boston Architect Henry Wood and his then wife, Joan bought the 106-year-old mansion for a mere $3,600. At that time every single window was broken, the floors were rotted and the roof mostly gone. In fact, the cedar mansion was built as an act of defiance in 1905 by one of Wood’s distant cousins, Joseph Lovering Wharton.

Modern house design – Three storeys house


The spacious house design provides three storeys, a large centre hall and 23 rooms. Its interiors are done in wood keeping with the design of the original home. The house has also 10 huge bedrooms offering magnificent views. This 100-per-cent timber house certainly features honey-colored wood interior, warm to the look and touch. Despite its antique look, the house is actually equipped with modern technology such as the roof-mounted solar panels and wind turbine to generate electricity, rainwater-recycling and seawater-filtration systems, and composting toilets that help lower operating costs while making an eco-sustainable statement. Composting toilets actually use only a quart of water per flush as the compost is then used to fertilize the garden. The Clingstone House is “green,’’ or sustainable, from the windmill on the roof to the composting toilets.

Modern house design and fantastic interiors


The Wood family make different reclamation projects when it comes to furniture. The furnishings are nearly all retreads, while the claw-foot bathtub came from a torn down mansion in Newport. To pay for the upkeep, as maintenance of this spectacular mansion is expensive due to the salt and water-wear from the surrounding ocean, the family would like to attract more “green’’ renters who appreciate the low carbon footprint.


Living room design


Stone fireplace design


House interior design


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