Art with practical use – the wooden sculptural box by Laszlo Tompa

 wooden sculptural box general view

The Hungarian designer Laszlo Tompa presents this simple cube and leaves our imagination do the rest. The wooden sculptural box is crafted by woodturning and finished by hand. The surface of the box is covered with unique geometric ornaments.

The wooden sculptural box – new look to everyday objects

sculptural box Laszlo Tompa storage

Except using it for storage the idea of creating an item for daily use and turn it into a piece of abstract art is new and unusual. The cube is made of solid cherry wood and all the different figures on its surface seem to float and interact with each other without any visible holdings. The box is diagonally symmetrical, so the storage section can be covered with the lid and rotated 180 degrees. The elements create an optical illusion and although relatively small (40x40x40 cm) this cute wooden sculptural box has quite big storage space.

The wooden sculptural box – a must have object

wooden sculptural box Laszlo Tompa general

It is simply a must-have object and will be complimenting every contemporary living room. The wooden sculptural box may find its place in your entry hall, beside your fireplace and even bedroom. Its natural warm colour will bring additional warmth in your home except that you will be in possession of a piece of modern art.

 wooden box Laszlo Tompa detail

Sculptural box- side ornaments

sculptural box Laszlo Tompa side

 Wooden sculptural box details

wooden sculptural box Laszlo Tompa close detail

Detailed wooden ornaments

wooden sculptural box Laszlo Tompa lid closed

Box with lid and storage space

wooden sculptural box Laszlo Tompa storage detail

 Wooden sculptural box lid’s back

sculptural box open lid detail

 Detailed look on ornaments

sculptural box Laszlo Tompa close view

Art and furniture in one

Laszlo Tompa cherry cube

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