Lounge room furniture Cocoon by Wasserbetten


The Cocoon by Wasserbetten is not only a great lounge room furniture piece, it is also a new wellness concept for a perfect relax, comfort and pleasure.  This futuristic capsule is shaped like the silkworm cocoons and also reminds us of a science fiction movie décor. Do you want a womb-like floating experience? If so, the Cocoon by Wasserbetten is exactly what you need.

Cocoon lounge room furniture – a feeling of comfort


This lounge room furniture will seal off the outer environment and send you in the land of absolute comfort and relaxation. After spending twenty minutes, or more, in this exceptional piece of wellness furniture, you will feel refreshed and reconciled with the outside world. It completely vanishes all of your problems making you feel like a baby floating in weightlessness. The “floating” or the “womb-like” effect comes from the built-in water mattress, which is based on the famous Wasserbetten spa chairs. The Wasserbetten spa chairs are scattered all over the world in more than 550 different hotels.

Wellness lounge room furniture by Wasserbetten


Another part of the therapeutic effect is the soothing sound which is integrated in this lounge room furniture . There are a couple of different sound options. You can choose the surround sound, sound waterbed, with or without headphones. The light vibrations in the mattress give a cool feeling of a relaxing massage. Once the Cocoon is closed, you will be in the most relaxing peaceful state possible. There will be no disturbing, no problems just peace and comfort. This capsule has a very nice gentle lightning inside which makes you feel protected and it also relaxes your eyes. The Cocoon design is inspired by different forms in nature. It’s very suitable for a home interior or a spa center. The lightning,  the nice, peaceful sounds, the water mattress, and the unique design of the Cocoon are the key to the true experience of relaxation. Once you’ve rested in this extraordinary capsule, you will know what comfort is really all about.

Wellness lounge room furniture Cocoon



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