Floor couch ideas – the unconventional living room furniture

floor couch ideas living room furniture ideas red modular sofa

Sitting on the floor may seem like a radical idea to many people. However there are quite many floor couch ideas which can be successfully integrated into modern interiors and add a particular atmosphere to the room. We will show you examples of modern furniture suitable for living rooms, teenagers’ bedrooms, media rooms, home cinemas or playrooms.


Floor couch ideas – comfortable seating for family and guests

awesome floor couch vibrant colors living room furniture ideas

If you are a fan of daybeds, sofa beds or floor cushions, these floor couch ideas will be greatly appealing to you. A floor sofa is different to the traditional sofas. It has no carcass, very often it lacks armrests and it looks like giant floor cushions with backrests.

kids room furniture ideas floor couch gray sofa ideas colorful carpet

Floor couches are especially favourite to young people and children as they provide exceptionally comfortable seating and are ideal for gathering with friends because a floor seating area creates a cozy, casual and charming space.


Floor couch ideas – designs and patterns

tufted sectional floor couch design modern living room furniture

Floor couch designs vary in size, width and height as well as colors, textures and patterns. Most floor couch ideas feature sectional or modular sofas which provide great flexibility and homeowners can arrange them as per their need or taste. Although the shape of a floor couch is pretty basic and simple, it actually looks very stylish.


living room furniture sectional floor couch contemporary interior design

You can create a bohemian atmosphere by choosing different colors and patterns for each section of the modular sofa or opt for a modern look with leather upholstery. A floor couch in vibrant colors – red, orange, purple, brown – can be used as a living room centerpiece and a strong decorative element.

modern floor couch ideas black modular sofa

A couch in black or white would fit perfectly into minimalist interior designs while ethnic motifs or floral patterns will add an exotic flair to the home interior.


sectional floor couch design ideas modern furniture design ideas

sectional couch kids bedroom furniture corner sofa colorful carpet

modular-sofa modern living room decor ideas floor couch design

modular floor couch ideas contemporary living room furniture

living rooms design ideas floor couch ideas black sectional sofa

living room furniture colorful striped sofa floor couch ideas decorative pillows

living room design ideas sectional floor couch ottoman area rug

floor couch ideas sectional sofa design living room ideas

floor couch ideas living room furniture sectional sofa decorative pillows

floor couch ideas colorful sectional sofa vibrant colors

floor couch design ideas teen girl bedroom furniture pink couch

floor couch ideas lime green white colors sectional sofa design

colorful low level sofa floor seating ideas sectional sofa design

colorful living room decoration floor cushion sofa



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