33 Unique bookshelves design ideas

religion bookshelf design

One of the most important areas of our home is the reading corner. We want to manifest a projection of our imagination through and creating an exceptional bookshelf is the easiest way to do it. Here we’ve gathered some of the most amazing unique bookshelves design ideas which we -ourselves draw inspiration from. Surely you will find amazing, new, fresh ideas that will definitely give you a hint as to what a creative and inspiring bookshelf design should look like. Some of the ideas are easy to do at home by yourself. Take a look.

Tree-inspired unique bookshelves design ideas

Blue tree

blue tree bookcase idea

Kids room tree bookshelf

tree bookshelve idea

A lovely solution for your kids bedroom. It can also be easily rearanged and become a great additioon for your living space, or be rearanged for the children when they grow up.

A little odd Tim Burtton style bookshelf design

red tree exceptional creative

Creative and inspirational tree bookshelf

red tree croocked

Creative, realistic tree bookshelf

tree shelf design idea motion

The branches suit as shelves

tree shelf branches

Unique minimalist tree design idea – bookshelf

yule tree bookshelf gorgeous

It divides the interior space in a very beautiful, delicate way

yule tree bookshelf elegant creative

Simply gorgeous tree-inspired bookshelf

yule tree bookshelf natural

The invisible unique bookshelves design ideas

Creative invisible bookshelf idea using the book itself 

invisible bookshelf stylish creative

Invisible bookshelf 

invisible bookshelf unique booksheves design idea

Beautiful, stylish and appropriate for any interior

invisible bookshelf unique beautiful

Slim hanging bookshelves

slim hnging books transparent

slim hnging books shelf transparent

Everyday-life objects inspired bookshelf ideas

Teacups shelves

unique bookshelves design ideas teacups


plumbing bookshelf design idea

Skateboard shelves

skteboard bookshelf stylish creative

Boatshelves design 

boat bookcase design

Rope shelves

rope shelf lovely stylish

rope shelf creative idea

Wall-hanging bookshelves design ideas 

non arangable stylish bookcase creative wall solution

The most commonly used space for your books is the wall. These incredible unique bookshelves design ideas are the perfect solution for any type of wall, weather it is textured or plain colored – they will absolutely look spectacular in your home.

non aranging bookshelf

Creative wall-hanging shelves

leather bookcase creative idea


elastico stylish creative elastic reminiscent

Inn-yan design

cardboard inn yan

Check-point shelves

check bookshelf gorgeous creative

check bookshelf unique design ideas

The USA map 

United States Bookshelf by Ron Arad creative idea

Fire and books 

unique contast bookshelf fireplace

Free-style arranging

split bookshelf create different forms

Colorful and creative

round bookshelf design idea

Creative and and unique ideas 

rolling bookshelves design

Here are some unique bookshelves design ideas that  extremely creative and thoughtful, as well as very functional. Besides the fact that they are totally eye-catching, you can arrange your books and always be able to have your favorite books on display and at your disposal.

The red wheel

round bookshelf inner seating

lovely innovative creative bookshelves

Dreamy cloud over the bed

Dream Bookshelf design idea

Have the books just a reach a way

feltstool functional beautiful

feltstool creative idea

The funny dog-inspired bookshelf

creative dog bookshelves design

creative dog bookshelves

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