Modern table design – “Intuition” by Koket

modern table creative swirl design elegant chic

With its exceptional design, this modern table called “Intuition” is bound to capture the eye of every guest. It can easily become a focal point in the living room, hall or lobby, because of its exquisiteness, elegance and beauty. As you can see the entire design consists of a swirling ribbon made of high-quality metal that has a lighter tone on the inside and darker on the outside, allowing you to see every the twists in every angle.

Intuition – the most elegant modern table

creativbe modern swirl table intuition koket

This modern table is the perfect solution for the empty corner of the living room. It doesn’t even have to be decorated, as it is a decorative piece all by itself. However, if you want to arrange a flower decoration over it – a bright color flower bouquet and an elegant vase will look amazing. Even though it is so incredibly beautiful and stylish it can also suit perfectly by its purpose.

Incredibly stylish and beautiful – this modern table will change your interior atmosphere

high quality modern table design intuition koket

Designed by Koket, this modern table can enlighten every chic ambiance and bring a lovely elegant essence to the interior like no other furniture piece.  It is absolutely appropriate for any type of interior space – you can even arrange it your office or study room. This lovely modern table design brings different emotions to your indoor space, as it looks as if it is constantly in motion itself. “Intuition” has a very mysterious dark reminiscent that is incorporated in the twisted swirls of the metal structure and finished with a very chic dark glass top. This modern table design is created to stand out in your home and be a focal point that everyone notices right away.

Made only of exceptional quality materials

exceptional excellent quality table design intuition koket

The incredible unique design brings out the character of the room 

modern table design intuition koket

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