Modern leather furniture by Mascheroni


Mascheroni is a famous Italian company designing and producing furniture of highest quality with a strong emphasis on modern leather furniture. It dates back from 1970 and still remains a popular brand in Italy and many other countries all around the world. Mascheroni’s philosophy is based on several important components that the company believes are essential for quality design. First there is the thorough research before creating a new product which considers new possibilities. Than comes the design of the product itself which relies on creativity and innovative thinking. And last but not least is the process of creating that product which combines the use of best quality materials with the designers’ professionalism, ethics and passion.

Modern leather furniture with luxury italian design



As we already said Mascheroni specializes in modern leather furniture design brought to life with special preparation, creativity and craftsmanship. Their field of work includes various pieces including sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, desks and beds. The furniture has a solid yet very stylish feel to it. It looks steady and serious, filling the interior space with rich modern presence and making it feel complete.

Modern leather furniture transforms compeletely every room



The fine quality materials turn Mascheroni’s modern leather furniture into a luxurious and elegant way to transform a plain room into a place of style and glamour with a classic reference. The colors preferred for the collection are mostly neutral black and white, different shades of brown and some red. Each model has its individual character designed to catch the eye of different customers and every buyer who appreciates fine quality modern design with classic features is bound to find their dream furniture here.

If you also appreciate modern interpretations of classic styles then you would  enjoy the collection of their magnificent modern leather furniture.

By K.H.Hristova

 Luxury black sofa for the living room


White italian furniture with classical design


Brown leather couch by Mascheroni


White leather furniture


Luxury red leather chair with classical design


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