Chair design – Stunning Paszcza by WAMHOUSE

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This exceptionally gorgeous modern chair design is created by the Polish design studio WAMHOUSE, which once again have shocked the world of design with creativity and style. As you can see from the pictures this wonderful furniture piece resembles a mouth and the seating is the tongue, which is strikingly red and gorgeous, surrounded by solid metal embrace, to form a lovely armchair. The word “Paszcza” in polish means “mouth” and it is obvious why the chair is called that way.

Amazing chair design – “Mouth”

innovative chair design wamhouse

This amazing WAMHOUSE chair design is absolutely perfect for a more extravagant contemporary interior – mostly for public places and office. You can of course arrange it as a great focal point your modern living room interior. This chair is elegant chic and will be the first thing one notice when walking into a room. Not to mention the exceptional comfort. You can sit in it for hours and you won’t feel any pain at all. This is because the seating is so cozy and lets you sit fully relaxed.

Exceptional quality chair design with the most extravagant look

innovative mouth resembling modern chair wamhouse

Because of its mouth resemblance this chair design is considered more or less artistic, which makes it perfectly adequate for an art studio or an interior design company office. WAMHOUSE have created something that draws attention and becomes the talk of the day. With its originality and high-quality usage of materials this modern chair is simply a work of art. It can easily become the most important furniture piece in your interior, especially if you are looking forward to creating something more unique and extravagant – something truly memorable.

Innovative chair made of exceptional quality materials

exceptional quality material wamhouse mouth chair

WAMHOUSE  creative furnitue design piece

gorgeous comfortable wamhouse chair design

WAMHOUSE – specialized in creative furniture design ideas

exquisite creative wamhouse creation modern chair

Elegant, chic, comfortable and creative

innovative chair design wamhouse studio

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