Wooden furniture inspired by nature – Janina Loeve’s masterpiece

wooden furniture design creative nature inspired idea

This exceptional wooden furniture pieces are entirely inspired by nature in terms of form and choice of materials. The collection called “Tettonica” includes two pieces – a lovely stool and a table with a glass top. Designed by the talented designer Janina Loeve from Netherlands, these furniture pieces resemble a mountain and canyon. The green top pillow of the stool gives it a more natural and complete look and the lovely transparent top of the table gives a feeling of deepness and space, which suits perfectly every contemporary indoor or outdoor.

Creative wooden furniture – nature inspired design

wooden furniture collection dutch design

Because this wooden furniture is made of exceptional quality materials they are very stable and light weight at the same time. This makes them very easy to rearrange in the house and in the garden. In some way Tettonica gives a scent of the practicality and creativity of the Dutch design style. The furniture pieces are free of redundant elements which makes them very easy to blend in and stand out in every interior at the same time.

Innovative wooden furniture design

tettonica incredible light minimalist design solution

This wooden furniture collection will easily enlighten every atmosphere. It gives the warm feeling you’ve been long looking for in your home. It is also very appropriate for a balcony especially if you want to create a more natural and intimate setting. Because the pieces are small and easy to rearrange they are a great solution for a more compact area. With her endless imagination and love of nature the Dutch designer Janina Loeve creates innovative and practical solutions primarily for the interior. However, this collection is easily convertible for outdoor conditions.

Exceptional quality furniture pieces

lovely outdoor dutch furniture collection

Tettonica – lovely furniture collection

innovative natural setting wooden furniture

Incredibly light and easy to rearrange furniture pieces

lovely dutch design green cushion stool creative nature inspired



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