Modern furniture – the husk armchair

husk chair modern furniture

This modern furniture piece is all about softness, comfort and relaxation. The husk armchair has been developed after a series of experiments, and the aim was to create the ultimate most comfortable armchair that can even beat the classic or contemporary sofas, and at the same time look extraordinary classy, chic and innovative. The design is simple; therefore it can fit in every interior. This makes it completely versatile in terms of fitting in or standing out in every home or office design solution.

Modern furniture piece – Husk armchair

colorful armchair husk design

As a unique modern furniture piece, the husk armchair has gathered great interest. B&B Italia have once more managed to capture the eye of specialists and also continue their aim to create a furniture piece that is comfortable, incredibly stylish, elegant, great looking and be made of recycled materials, and materials that can easily be decomposed if necessary, due to the fact that the company has a very strong stand when it comes to ecology. The chair is also offered in many different colors as mentioned . As you can see from the pictures it is offered in yellow, black, beige, red, orange, and there is even a footstool that creates Husk more of a chair set, rather than simply an armchair.

It is better than any sofa

new innovative modern furniture husk chair

Husk is a great modern furniture example. It is eco-friendly, it is offered in a variety of different colors, simple in design and provides excellent solution for pure relaxation. Definitely beats all of the traditional sofas, we are used to. As you can imagine, for an armchair this is absolutely evolutional (combining all of these qualities in an armchair). B&B Italia has once again shown us beauty, practicality and functionality in one single furniture piece. This is quite amazing.

B&B Italia’s eco-friendly concept is incorporated in the Husk project as well 

modern furniture piece husk armchair

The chair is made of recycled materials 

modern armchar stylish comfortable

There is a foot stool also offered in the Husk set

modern furniture husk chair design

Comfortable beyond belief 

creative comfortable new design contemporary furniture armchair

Offered in a variety of different colors it is suitable for every home or office interior 

beautiful office armchair comfortable furniture

Chic, cozy and extremely practical – Husk armchair

new husk armchair comfortable design

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