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The problem with a small bedroom is that it is small. The good thing about a small bedroom is that it is likely to be cozy and easy to keep warm. Small bedroom design ideas are intended to make the most of available space and also to create an illusion of even greater spaciousness.  The fundamental thing in a small bedroom is to get really well organized, loose all your clutter and anything that is just in the way.  This will probably mean adopting a few tidy habits if you are not naturally neat.

Small bedroom design ideas – create  an illusion of greater spaciousness



In your small bedroom design idea include ample storage for clothes, select wardrobes that have sliding or narrow doors so that getting access to them isn’t frustrating.  Alternatively curtain off a recess to create a simple and inexpensive wardrobe area. Use under bed or drawers or ceiling height cupboards to store things you don’t need regularly

Bold bright colors do not look great in a small space unless they are used in moderation.  For example, vivid reds will actually make your walls appear to close in on you, so select with care if you don’t want your small bedroom design idea to shrink your room even further.  Another pattern guaranteed to make your room look more cramped is vertical stripes.  These will make the room look taller but uncomfortably narrow.

Small bedroom design – bright colors


Do use light bright colors to make space look bigger.  Or at least use muted colors without too many powerful contrasts.  Pattern is a small bedroom design idea may also look too busy or overpowering unless used selectively.  An eye catching motif on a feature wall could look stunning.  Alternatively, a very small repeated pattern could be attractive in a traditional small bedroom design idea. A more dramatic idea would be to add an attractive decorative feature to you ceiling.

 Decoration ideas for small bedroom


Mirrors may also be an obvious way to create an illusion of greater space depending on where you place them in your small bedroom design scheme.  But you might not want to be staring at yourself every time you look up.  Larger windows will always create a greater sense of space as they bring the exterior view into the room.  This only works as long as you don’t look out onto a brick wall of course!

An extreme way of making more of the space in a small bedroom design idea would be to incorporate a platform bed into the design scheme.  This is an exciting option for younger people and would free up much more floor room.

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Japanese style modern green bedroom


Grey minimalist bedroom


White and red colors for the small bedroom


Small bedroom  for teenagers


Bedroom interior design idea


Lime green bedroom interior


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