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exhale bladeless ceiling fan creative design ideas

We all know what ceiling fans look like and how they work. Blades hurtling through the air under the ceiling and directing the air flow downward. The design is traditional, it has not changed for more than a hundred years and we are used to it.

exhale bladeless ceiling fan review how does a bladeless ceiling fan work

However, someone thought of a bright new idea of a bladeless ceiling fan which is changing the concept and the perception of a ceiling fan, in general. Nik Hiner and his business partner Richard Halsall have come up with a revolutionary idea for a ceiling fan without blades – the Exhale ceiling fan.

Exhale bladeless ceiling fan – a different and innovative idea

bladeless ceiling fan exhale rotating disks

Traditional ceiling fans form vertical air streams and if you are under the fan you will feel the “breeze”… and possibly catch a cold. However, the “breeze” is hardly felt at the corners of the room. That could be somewhat irritating, especially on a hot day, right? Well, there is a modern solution which will provide a uniform cooling of the entire space.

bladeless ceiling fan exhale innovative ceiling fan

Exhale bladeless ceiling fan was developed in 2005 based on the design of the bladeless turbine of Nikola Tesla. It took several years of design improvements and construction of many prototypes, until the final version of the bladeless ceiling fan was ready to be presented.

Exhale bladeless ceiling fan – how does it work?

innovative bladeless ceiling fan exhale air flow

Exhale bladeless ceiling fan works in a very different way compared to traditional ceiling fans. Rotating flat discs “breathe” air and “exhale” it at the ceiling providing a laminar flow moving from the ceiling down the walls. This provides a uniform air circulation throughout the room eliminating the “hot” and “cold” spots that usually occur with traditional ceiling fans.

Exhale bladeless ceiling fans design innovative home solutions

Exhale bladeless ceiling fans work quietly, because they have no blades. The unique Exhale fan is powered by a highly efficient low-noise electric motor with six-speed and wireless remote control.


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