Wine barrel furniture ideas – furniture ideas for home and garden

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Wine barrel furniture ideas are numerous and this is a creative way to upcycle old wine barrels and transform them into cool furniture pieces. Wine barrels are an excellent material for new furniture and interior items make a good use of “unnecessary things”. We all know that wine, brandy, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages spend months in wooden barrels. Sooner or later, the lifetime of a barrel is over and the wood is thrown away or burnt.

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Many people are fascinated by the unique beauty and character of wine barrel furniture which can be found in the interiors of coffee shops, bars, restaurants and one of the most popular questions is how to make wine barrel furniture? The striking beauty of this type of furniture is due to the fact that it is everything but standard and it looks always impressive. We will show you some inspiring and really cool wine barrel furniture ideas which look spectacular and you can plan a DIY furniture project to craft different pieces for your home, garden or interior decoration. Such pieces are very practical, convenient and yes, they cost almost nothing. You don’t have to be an artist or have special skills, with some creativity and imagination you can transform a wine barrel into anything.


Wine barrel furniture ideas – creative designs and DIY garden furniture projects


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Among the plethora of wine barrel furniture ideas there are so many creative and unique ideas which can be used indoors or outdoors. Tables, chairs, coffee, tables, bar stools, benches – you name it! How about furnishing your porch with unique pieces made of wine barrel wood? Why not give a new life and save something that is meant to go to trash? Using cheap materials that people call “scrap” only shows your imagination and creativity. Upcycling is cool, it is cheap, practical, and always exclusively stylish!

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A growing trend in garden decoration is using upcycled wine barrels. Many designers show amazing ideas, giving a new purpose to wine barrels and turning them into adorable decorative objects. Wine barrel furniture works beautifully with rustic or Mediterranean styled exteriors. Wine barrels can be transformed and used as a spectacular water feature, for example. Add some blooming flowers and you will have a charming cascade which will allow you to enjoy the sound of water. Wine barrel planter boxes are another great upcycling idea. How charming is that! Outdoor furniture made of wine barrels can be as comfortable and inviting as any other type of furniture but with the advantage of being unique. A garden bench or a dining furniture set, a cooler for your drinks, even a hammock – numerous options to choose from and enjoy long summer days in the open air!

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Have you noticed wedding decorations with wine barrels is getting more and more popular? They are the perfect decor for a rustic themed wedding party, country styled decorations as well as Shabby chic wedding decors. You will see original wine barrel furniture ideas featuring buffet tables, flower arrangements, cocktail tables, wine bar and many others.

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Wine barrel furniture ideas – original DIY home furniture and decoration


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When you want to decorate a room in your home in rustic or country style, wine barrel furniture ideas will come more than useful. Unlike other upcycling options, the shape of wine barrels is very convenient and easily transformed into a coffee table, an ottoman, a chair or a small sofa, a bedside table, bar stools, even light fixtures. Wine barrel furniture offers something that very few furniture pieces have – history. You can check the origin of your wine barrels and tell stories while entertaining your visitors for the wine that was once stored in the barrels. Well, you could even make up those stories, right? Each of these furniture pieces can be used in the living room, bedroom, home office or bathroom. Making a wine rack from an old wine barrel is a great way to decorate your wine cellar. With a glass top table and cool bar stools you will have a nice place to enjoy different wines with family and friends.

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One of the easiest DIY wine barrel furniture ideas to craft a cute bed for your home pet. You only need to cut the barrel in half and add a pet mattress. You can place the pet bed in the locker room or laundry room, even in a quiet corner of your bedroom. A light fixture made of wine barrel can adorn the dining table and add an exclusive charm to your dеcor. Wood works with many other materials – metal, glass, stone, brick, and if you place an old barrel by the stone fireplace in the living room you will have a really authentic firewood holder and a decorative piece that adds tons of character to the interior.


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Check these amazing wood barrel furniture ideas and get inspired! Whether you are attracted to the garden furniture ideas or the original home furniture pieces, one thing is more than certain – you will have unique and charming furniture to reflect your style and personal taste.


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