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We will show you a selection of rolling ladder ideas which are especially useful in various situations. Although they are widely used in warehouses or industrial stockrooms, rolling ladders are not uncommon in private homes. Rolling ladders are manufactured from a variety of materials – wood, salvaged wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and you can see them in home libraries, children’s bedrooms, kitchens, pantries, wine cellars.

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Rolling ladders are also called sliding ladders, as they are sliding on the same principle as sliding barn doors and sliding ladder hardware is more or less the same as the one of barn doors. We shall look at how rolling ladders are used in different rooms and why these ladders are popular with homeowners.


Rolling ladder ideas – the advantages of using a rolling ladder


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Many people look at different rolling ladder ideas and think of convenience, safety, ease of movement, appearance, how the ladder will fit to their home decor. This is quite understandable as any ladder or staircase must meet the requirements for safety and of course, it has to provide a convenient use. Rolling ladders offer a number of advantages and the biggest and most important one is that they are a great space saving idea and a perfect solution for small living spaces. Rolling ladders do not take any valuable floor space and you can always tuck it away when not using it.

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Rolling ladders are practically versatile and can be used in any home and in any room. They are lightweight and can be moved without effort. Rolling ladders are offered in many different styles, sizes and designs so it is not a problem to find one which will fit with the interior of your home. Some ladders are equipped with a platform, others are simple step ladders and they are the more popular type for residential use.

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On the downside of rolling ladders, the first and most important consideration is safety. Rolling ladders can be difficult to climb and can be dangerous for pets and small children. Some models made of solid wood can be heavier which means that moving the ladder will require more effort. It is essential that rolling ladders are installed with the right height so that the users will not have difficulties with the access of what they need and avoid accidental falling.


Rolling ladder ideas in home libraries


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Rolling ladder ideas are especially popular in home libraries. A rolling library ladders vary in styles from antique to modern stainless steel designs or beautiful combinations of wood and metal. A rolling library ladder adds functionality to rooms with high shelves or floor to ceiling cabinets. From a purely practical point of you, a rolling library ladder helps you increase the storage space which is important for every homeowner no matter whether you live in small apartment or in a large house. We all know that storage space is never enough. You could choose a ladder design to match with the bookshelves or you can make it an accent by getting a rolling ladder in a contrast color which will pop out against the bookshelves.

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Using rolling ladders in kitchens and pantry cabinets also provides access to the out-of-reach space which allows you a more efficient use of the vertical space in your home and better kitchen or pantry organizing. Same applies for walk in closets – you could store seasonal clothes in the upper space and the ladder will be especially useful as it will not take from the floor space of the closet.

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Rolling ladders are widely used in bunk bed designs as they can be moved to one side or the other so that the floor space is as free as possible. Again the space saving function is coming as a major advantage since bunk beds are mostly used in small bedrooms where every inch of space is valuable.


How to choose the best rolling ladder – useful buyer’s tips

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You can have a custom made ladder or opt for a rolling ladder kit and install it by yourself. Many manufacturers offer such kits. When choosing a rolling ladder you should pay attention to the various elements of the hardware. On the first place you have to choose the right size, height and width of the ladder so that it fits exactly to your space. The roller type can be straight or curved and the rail brackets have to be chosen accordingly. Rolling ladders may have or not have wheels and the market offers many options – modern style wheels, traditional, with or without brakes. Make sure you get rail end stops which will control the sliding motion of your ladder. It is worth thinking for rolling ladder accessories like handrails which will add to the safety and convenience, the type of step treads and tread support.

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Installing a rolling ladder as a DIY project follows a few steps. First you need to fix the rail. Kits come with brackets that are fixed and the rail is inserted into the brackets. Install end caps with a screw and then you can assemble the steps of the ladder. Usually rolling ladder kits come with assembly and installation instructions and you should follow them so that your ladder operates properly and is above all safe. Always check the guarantee period as different types of ladders come with a different guarantee.

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Whichever type of rolling ladder you choose – a traditional wooden ladder or a modern stainless steel one, it will be a useful and practical addition to your home. Check out the fantastic rolling ladder ideas in the gallery below and see which one is best for your home.

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