How to use a wicker trunk – 20 creative ideas for your home

wicker trunk ideas beach style interior vintage furniture ideas

How to use a wicker trunk as a furniture piece? Will it work with the style of your home interior? We will show you 20 creative ideas where the trunk is an accent – either as a coffee table, as a storage solution or as a side table. There is no limit and if you are creative, you can find many different ways to add the unique character of wicker trunks to the living room, bedroom, kids’ room, even the bathroom.


Wicker trunk coffee table – a charming vintage touch in the living room


wicker trunk coffee table living room furniture ideas tile floor

Using a wicker trunk as a coffee table in the living room is a great idea. It is modern, it is unique, and in addition, the material is known for its good quality. A wicker trunk coffee table adds a visual accent to any room and will work for Shabby chic interiors, coastal living room decoration, rustic and Mediterranean styles. It looks so informal, and if you wanted a casual atmosphere, this is the best choice. The neutral color of wicker works with any other color and blends beautifully with white, sand shades, wood, crème, greens and browns. You can buy your trunk from a store or at a flea market and paint it or stain it to match the décor of your home.


Wicker trunk – a storage box in the bedroom


bedroom storage ideas wicker trunk rustic decoration ideas

A versatile piece of furniture, the wicker trunk can be an excellent idea for the kids’ room for storing toys. Kids would love the fact that it is relatively lightweight and can be moved everywhere. More important, it is safe and environmentally friendly which is greatly important to any caring parent.

bedroom design ideas storage ideas wicker trunk chest of drawers

How about using a wicker trunk in the master bedroom? It is an excellent storage solution for extra blankets or sheets. The trunk is a beautiful decorative feature in the room and will help you keep the tidy look of the bedroom.


living room design neutral color scheme wicker trunk coffee table

Wicker trunk coffee table sofa side table living room decor

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Coffee table ideas wicker trunk white sofa set living room design

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how to use a wicker trunk home creative furniture ideas

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Bedroom design ideas neutral colors storage ideas wicker trunk


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