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Fabulous walk-in-closet design ideas are definitely not that parts and elements that any house or apartment has. They are totally a luxury extra that few of people can afford. However, it is not only about to have the funds to afford it. They say, the style and the class cannot be bought with money, so better rely on a professional designer, when it come to a walk-in-closet selection and experience this sumptuous possession in a best and most appropriate way.

Fashionable and fabulous Walk-in-closet design ideas

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Luxury lovers and fashionable icons definitely need the right fabulous walk-in-closet design ideas. We strongly recommend you, if you have such an extra space in your home, to choose an interior design that suits to your personal clothing, accessory and shoe style. Traditionalists would better choose something classy and classical, though, the vanguard dressed-up people would like something more minimalist and futuristic. A Victorian-styled or even a gothic interior design would fit to rich individuals, who are totally different and original in their clothes choice.

10 awesome ideas for a fabulous walk-in-closest design


Senzafine: Walk-in-closet System by Poliform consists of large range of special cabinets, drawers, shoe racks and trays. Each element of your clothing equipment will find the right and specific place in this large and compact closet and when you are up to wear something, you will find it in a perfect condition.

Stylish and marvelous  walk-in-closet

walk-in-closet design ideas rimadesio

Rimadesio shows a stylish and extra ordinary fabulous walk-in-closet that includes silver hangers and elegant storage chests with diverse units for accessories – belts, purses, bags, socks, and hats. The exterior design of this project comes with a stunning glass seat and amazing transparent steps for the highest shelves.

Walk-in-Closet Design for Men

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Zenit: Walk-in-closet Design for Men by Rimadesio is also elegant, luxury, and ultra compact. The super cool conception of the interior impresses with the big separated units that are created to classify the clothing store in groups and categories such as casual and formal garments.

Personalized walk-in-closet

walk-in-closet design ideas besana

Walk-in-closet in Melamine Birch by Besana attracts the attention of the consumer with the female look that is stressed with the golden color scheme and the fascinating crystal chandelier. All the units and the shelves are made from ivory wooden materials and the cream ornaments are adding a fresh flair in the entire interior.

Attractive and modern design

walk-in-closet design ideas onda

Onda: A Walk-in-closet organizing system by Move comes with an attractive eye-catching orange set of cabinets and trays, which are also combined with a soft black Persian carpet on the floor. The curved shelves are made in a minimalist style, while the cute yellow racks are created for jewels store.

Classy walk-in-closet for ladies

walk-in-closet design idea california

California Closets Company presents a fabulous walk-in-closet that suits to the most pretentious taste of an independent and classy lady. The strict order and the perfect organization are put on a pedestal, while the light nuances are underlining the feeling of purity and unconditional beauty.

Minimalist idea for  walk-in-closet

walk-in-closet design ideas presotto italia

The Italian studio Presotto offers you a stunning minimalist idea for a fabulous walk-in-closet, where the entire clothing is kept beyond solid doors, which will not let the dust and the dirt to enter and get close to your favorite silk dress or satin shirt. The irregular shapes of the wavy shelves are in balance with the rectangular units for underwear and accessories.

Walk-in-closet design  captured in a glass aquarium

walk-in-closet design ideas glass walls

Glass Walls by Spazzi offer you a fabulous walk-in-closet design that is captured in a glass aquarium. The conception is diversified with oak wooden wardrobe and a set of cabinets that are combined with cream boxes for the tiniest and least details of your dressing style.

Traditional walk-in-closet

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Master Closet via HGTV, on the other hand, is a traditional walk-in-closet, which consists of a separate room that is usually connected with the bedroom. The classical white nuance and the plastic elements among some of the units are perfectly matched with the bamboo baskets – you can use them for jewels store or for the laundry.

The last conception for a walk-in-closet design

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The last conception for a fabulous walk-in-closet design is a project from the big portfolio of  HGTV Dream Home. The walk-in-closet is not just another clothing store with trays, racks, hangers, cabinets, and an enormous transforming wardrobe. It is decorated with personal frames, paintings, and other personal belonging of the inhabitant. The main idea was to put an accent on the personality of the owner, who has the luck to owe a house, where a walk-in-closet is planned, too.

Wooden walk-in-closet design




 Purple walk-in-closet design



 Classy walk-in-close for men 


walk in closet design idea design rimadesio

  Chic walk-in-closet


chic walk in closet design

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