Modern walnut cabinet with original design – Terranos by Jack Frost

Modern walnut cabinet Terranos Jack Frost wood laminate drawer

The Terranos is a modern walnut cabinet, designed by a young and promising Australian designer. His name is Jack Frost and this is his first major piece of work, produced while he was still a student, that attracts the attention of the public.

Modern walnut cabinet with unusual futuristic design

creative furniture design ideas walnut cabinet Terranos by Jack Frost

The name “Terranos” comes from the Latin words Terra and Novus combined together to form a new word which is translated as “modern country,” says the designer. Inspired by the aerial photography and the landscape of Australia, the idea occurred to him to create a design that presents the beauty of the terrain. The exterior of this modern walnut cabinet represents the natural contours of the varied and beautiful Australian reliefs by geometric facets.

Modern walnut cabinet Terranos at London Design Festival 2013

 contemorary furniture design walnut cabinet drawers futuristic shape

The creative design of Terranos was highly appreciated when shown at the Melbourne Furnitex Vivid tradeshow and that gave a chance to this original piece of furniture to take part in the Commonwealth Exhibition of London Design Festival during October 2013. The drawers front contours of this quite interesting and modern walnut cabinet represent satellite images. The facet surfaces create interesting reflections of light and shadow. The resulting lighting effects change the whole room effect. In addition to the exclusive vision, Terranos offers 160 litres of storage volume which makes it very practical, although the unusual design of the cabinets does not allow to place objects on top of the cabinet. However, the debut of Jack Frost on the design scene is impressive and it is our belief that we shall see more creative furniture designs from him in the future!

contemporary furniture refliecting australian topography terranos

Terranos represents Australian topography 

modern walnut cabinet design contemporary furniture by Jack Frost

The facet surface of Terranos

modern walnut cabinet black sideboard edged shapes

Storage cabinet with original appearance

modern furniture design ideas storage cabinet contemporary appearance

 The uneven surface reflects light

modern walnut cabinet design uneven surface reflecting light Jack Frost

Terranos exhibited at the London Design Festival 2013

modern walnut cabinet London Design Festival 2013 Jack Frost Terranos

modern cabinet design Australia terrain reflecting facet surface

Jack Frost London Design Festival Trends 2013

creative ideas modern walnut cabinet design Jack Frost Terranos


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