A black leather coffee table with unusual design by Finne Architects

black leather coffee table by finne architects MYK

Finne Architects, a company based in Seattle, Washington, have created an unusual and playful leather coffee table and its shape strongly reminds of a cleverly created landscape design. It is called MYK, looks so inviting and only watching it we start thinking of putting our feet up and relax after a tiresome day.

Soft leather coffee table with many uses

 MYK soft leather coffee table by finne architects

The unusual design of the leather coffee table is not accidental at all. You could easily think it is an ottoman or a coffee table bench. The inspiration for this artistic design came from the terrain morphology and the table received its name from the Norwegian word “MYK” which means “soft”. And this incredible table is quite that – soft foam wrapped in soft leather. If you want to enjoy a drink with friends or just have a rest, this coffee table will be the center of your interior and will quickly draw the attention of your visitors. It will perfectly fit in a modern office reception area too and add a touch of artistic ambience in the business environment.

Modern leather coffee table for your interior

modern coffee table design finne architects soft leather steel base

The leather coffee table looks as if it is floating in the room. The sculptural shapes are sophisticated and elegant and the upholstery combines a look of strong and soft. With a solid steel base the leather cushions are lifted about 15 cm from the floor. It is 220 cm long, 86 cm wide and 40 cm high (7′-3″L ; 2′-10″ W; 1′-3″H). Whether using it as a regular coffee table, extra seating place or simply as a leg support, you will have a beautiful and unusual piece of furniture.

 modern leather coffee table steel base black upholstery unusial design Finne architects


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