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Home Office Furniture Design

The home office furniture is among the most important piece of furnishing in the entire household, as the office is the part of the household, which is to be representative in many aspects. It is the room to hold business meetings and should be a place for acquiring creative aspirations. The professional shaping and stylish furnishing of the office is of great meaning to the carrying out of successful work. The rightly chosen office setting can transform the space and give it an outstanding look. The placement of the home office furniture and technical appliances is of great importance, as these are the elements, which give the room a specific, individual look.

Home Office furniture


Home Office Furniture by Quadrifoglio

The first two elements of the home office furniture, which are to be chosen and appropriately positioned in the room’s configuration, are the desk and the office chair. The square and sharp edges are old-fashioned and should be substituted by curved up edges and rounded angles. These are the basic requirements for the desk’s design. It should offer safety and good quality of wood work. Folding and sliding desktops are a mandatory element of the office desk, which is usually multifunctional. The desktops should allow levelling and cable accessibility for the needs of the office equipment. The office couch and the chair should offer comfort and an ability to shift height. The desk and computer should be positioned in such a way, that they would be directly exposed to natural daylight. The rest of the home office furniture is to be placed accordingly in the general design configuration.

Home Office furniture


Home Office Furniture Design by Quadrifoglio

The contemporary home office furniture arrangement is built on the principle of zoning. This is usually a group task, requiring team collaboration to achieve the goals in a quick and effective way. Module furniture is sought and preferred for this reason. Light materials on the other hand give the opportunity of swift rearrangement of the work area. Mobile furniture on wheels is increasingly sought for this very reason. All the home office furniture should be moved using these wheels whenever given the opportunity.

Home Office furniture


Home Office Furniture Design From Quadrifoglio

The office designer should project the area with the home office furniture in a way, which makes for greater spaciousness when moving around the place. Apart from the ergonomics, comfort and transformation opportunities, the office should also look good. The colour decisions require special time. Bright colours and colour combinations are finding their way in the work area more and more often. They leave a good impression on guests and make the atmosphere more cheerful. The basic function of the home office furniture is for it to make the room a cosy, pleasant and convenient working environment.

Text by B. Angelov

Home Office Furniture X-Time by Quadrifoglio


Home Office Furniture X-Time by Quadrifoglio



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