DIY Retaining wall in the garden – simple and practical guide

garden retaining wall from stone build yourself

Check out these short and practical guide on how to build a retaining wall in the garden by yourself. You want to have the perfect backyard, but it is on a steep slope? Do not worry. With a retaining wall you will create enough space for all garden activities.

Retaining wall in the garden – what to consider in a DIY project

DIY stone retaining wall in the garden stone

If you want to build a retaining wall in the garden from stone, you should consider certain things. Prepare yourself for a relatively heavy physical work because the stone blocks are usually quite heavy. It depends on the location of the retaining wall if you are going to need professional help in the construction or not. Think very carefully before you start building if you can carry out the project by yourself.

DIY retaining wall in the garden – Step 1: the foundation dig

garden retaining wall earth digging

If you have chosen a straight retaining wall in the garden, put two wooden pegs at the beginning and the end of the wall is supposed to be and stretch in between a thread. The thread should mark the edge of the wall and actually outline the construction site. In this way you will be sure that the retaining wall will be straight. Then you can start digging.

Step 2: Fix the initial level

DIY retaining wall in the garden measure the size

The foundation is very important for the successful construction of the retaining wall. To be sure that the foundation is flat and straight, you should flatten the first row of stones really good. Insert two wooden pegs into the ground and add a wooden board. Then measure with the level on whether the base is straight. Only then you can continue with your project to build a retaining wall in the garden.

Step 3: Tamp the foundation

DIY garden retaining wall measure base

For this purpose, you definitely need a soil stabilizer and base material composed of sand and gravel. Tamp the first layer of  material, then make it even and repeat the whole process again. Do this until the level reaches the tops of the pegs. Then you’re ready for the next step and can continue building the retaining wall in the garden .

Step 4: Smooth the base material using a wooden board

DIY retaining wall surface smoothing

Step 5: Lay the first stones using leveling and rubber mallet

DIY retaining wall levelling the first line

Step 6: Arrange the stone blocks and fix with adhesive

retaining wall step by step construction in detail

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building retaining wall in the garden stones fixing

Step 7: Insert the gravel as a filler

retaining wall bulding instructions black pipe

 Step 8: Cover the retaining wall with cover stones for a finished look

how to build a retaining wall hammer


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