21 ideas for tasty Mothers Day gifts – bake a cake for Mother’s Day

Gift ideas for mothers day  desserts

When Mothers Day approaches, it is time to search for gift ideas! Flowers are always a great Mothers Day gifts, but if you want to make a special and tasty surprise for your Mom you can try a few recipes and prepare a fabulous dessert. “Food keeps body and soul together” says an old proverb. A Mother’s Day cake, baked with love, can be the ideal gift and bring your mother a great joy! Here you will find 21 ideas for tasty temptations with which you can surprise your mother and your guests!

 Preparing delicious Mothers Day gifts

Coconut layer cake baking for Mothers day Pound Cake

Show your mother how sweet (sometimes too sweet and sour) she makes your life! Your mother‘s individual preferences are crucial! For every taste and for every occasion, there is a delicious chocolate idea for sweet Mother’s Day gifts!

1. Fresh and fragrant coconut layer cake – a particularly fine dessert.

2. Pound cake with chocolate is baked quickly and is very tasty.

Cream pie chocolate Marquise desserts Mothers day

3. Cream cake with milk chocolate, coconut and ice cream  in combination with coffee.

4. Marquise au chocolat – perfect for chocolate lovers – is one of the the best desserts offered by French cuisine.

 Mothers Day gifts for cooking

Cherry cheesecake Mothers day gift ideas sweets

1. Chocolate cake with nuts and topping – fast cakes for any occasion.

2. Fine cheesecake with a fruity note, for example cherries – a highlight for Mother’s Day.

Marble Cake Recipe Mothers Day Gifts Ideas

3. Chocolate Zebra Cake (marble cake) without butter – delicious and easy to prepare.

4. Lemon cake – aromatic, light and delicious.

Baking a cake for Mother’s Day

American Cake with Crackers Recipe Mothers Day

1. American cake with crackers

Mothers Day Cake moelleux au chocolat

2. Citrus sour cream pound cake, very tasty, especially if beautifully decorated.

3. Moelleux au chocolat – a French dessert with fruits.

Cakes recipes ideas for Mother’s day

Chocolate cake and carrot cake juicy recipes for cake

1. Baked desserts such as chocolate cake with strawberries and a hint of hazelnut.

2. Light carrot cake.


 3. Bake a cake with walnuts on Mother’s Day.

4. Peach cream cake for a summery flair.

 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day – a homemade cake

 Cake baking recipes Mothers day

1. Pound cake with pecans.

Cake with walnuts mini muffins cake ideas recipes

2. Lemon pound cake with tea extract .

3. Chocolate fruit cake.

Elegant dessert ideas for Mother’s Day

Baking recipes Maple Pecans

1. White chocolate mini cheese cake with strawberries.

Dessert ideas mothers day chocolate fruit cake

 2. Almond cake with red berries and lemon.3. Chocolate muffins.
Bake muffins

Chocolate mini muffins Mothers Day cake

Marzipan cake

Marzipan cake baking recipes Mothers day


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