25 creative decorating craft ideas for the garden -DIY candle lanterns

diy mason jar lanterns candle lanters garden decorating ideas

Summer is approaching and we all strive for more time in the open air. What’s better than a delicious dinner with friends in the garden. But do not forget the appropriate lighting – we give you 25 inspiring ideas for DIY candle lantern.

DIY candle lanterns in the garden – original decoration ideas

morocco inspired candle lanterns DIY glass jar lanterns

We’ll show you how you can create beautiful decoration in the garden and easy DIY candle lanterns craft ideas. You need several jars of jam that you can decorate with brocades. Or you can spray them with spray paint. Old lanterns made ​​of metal and glass will get a new look, if you decorate them with white candles. Fill glasses with water and let tea candles swim in there. From lemons and oranges, you can craft a candle holder. Decorate the table in vintage style and tie flowers to the lanterns. From an old chandelier a beautiful shabby chic lighting can be crafted.

DIY candle lanterns crafts will create a romantic mood

glass lantern candle holder ideas diy home decoration ideas

The lantern in the garden is particularly suitable as decoration for engagement, birthday, or for a garden party. It can transform quickly – so you can, if necessary, add lanterns to the garden path, or use them as a table light. Hang multiple lanterns at different heights  – this makes the design more exciting. The sparkling light in the evening creates a romantic mood with certainty. And never forget – do not leave lighted candles without supervision. Check the creative DIY candle lanterns ideas and decorate your garden.

DIY candle lantern ideas hanging lantern ideas home interior decoration

Romantic garden party lights

DIY candle lantern cool garden decoration festive outdoor lights

Hang a lantern on a tree

DIY candle Lantern illumination Garden Apple Tree decorating

Craft ideas with old lanterns

lanterns evening lighting decoration idea Candles

Tea candles in the aquarium

Tea candles lantern water Garden Lighting Ideas

 Decorate the lanterns with decorative paper

DIY candle Lantern children craft ideas painting garden decoration

Rustic lighting for the garden

floating candles DIY candle Lantern table decoration craft ideas

Party decoration ideas

colorful decorating ideas DIY Candle Lanterns Garden Lighting

Colorful jam jars

Jam jar colorful decorating ideas lantern design

LED light candle in the lantern

LED candle garden lights Colorful Ideas

Lantern decorated with flowers

DIY candle Lantern Flowers DIY table decoration

Lanterns on the garden fence

Garden Lighting Ideas DIY glass lantern

Fruits as a candle holder

fruit flower water table lighting DIY garden lantern

Decoration ideas for the summer

stylish lanterns Tree hanging garden Summer Mood

 Metal lanterns

DIY Garden Lantern traditional lighting ideas

 Rustic lanterns

LED candles wooden modern table decoration garden party

 Combine different lantern sizes

DIY Candle Lantern design ideas

 Classic design

classic style lantern candles Garden Lighting Ideas

 Hanging lantern with ropes

DIY candle Lantern jam jar ropes rustic garden design idea

Party Decorating Ideas purple DIY candle Lantern ideas

DIY Lantern Garden design Ideas metal garden furniture

landern chandelier design ideas Garden Summer decoration



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