Antiquing furniture – ideas and ways to do it by yourself

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Antique wooden furniture has a special view, which modern and new furniture cannot have. Many people prefer the feeling and the atmosphere of classic elegance or romantic shabby chic. Antiquing furniture can be a weekend DIY project and there are some rules you need to follow so that your project is successful and you are pleased with the result.


Antiquing furniture methods and ideas

Antique furniture look blue paint color DIY ideas

To begin with, the first step in antiquing furniture is to paint stains. Coat the wood with a soft cloth adding small portions of wood finish at a time. Wipe off the excess stain with a clean dry cloth and leave the stains to dry.

Aging wooden furniture

antiquing furniture methods DIY ideas aged wooden wardrobe

Aging wooden elements of the furniture artificially is now one of the most popular trends when decorating furniture and interiors to achieve a shabby chic or an antique look. This is done with the help of sandpaper which helps to rub the corners and the edges of the furniture pieces in order to round them.

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If you wished to have additional effects, you may use the sharp end of a knife or other sharp object and pierce small holes on the surface of the wood to imitate wormholes.

Antiquing furniture with paint

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Antiquing furniture with paint is considered to be one of the easiest ways to create a distressed look and aged look. Once you have applied a primer, you need to apply a base coat of paint and then add a satin or flat finish.

Antiquing furniture with glaze

antiquing furniture with glaze dresser bedroom furniture ideas

Antiquing furniture with glaze should be a process which follows the initial painting and distressing. The glaze is applied on the piece of furniture and adds character and individuality to the furniture. You can either remove some of the glaze to achieve a distressed look or add it to certain areas.

A lovely white dressing table and stool

antique furniture ideas how to age wooden furniture dressing table

Aging furniture for DIY project fans

aging wooden furniture ideas elegant chair dining room furniture

An antique looking wardrobe for the bedroom

shabby chic home furniture ideas DIY disterssed furniture

There are different techniques for aging wooden furniture

Antiquing furniture techniques ideas how to age furniture do it yourself

A chair detail – before and after

antiquing furniture ideas DIY dark wax paint sanpaper

 An elegant mirror frame with an antique look

Antiquing furniture mirror frame bedroom furniture ideas

Details are important if you age wooden furniture

antiquing furniture ideas methods how to age furniture

home furniture ideas how to age furniture DIY ideas

antiquing furniture with paint wax sandpaper DIY ideas

Antiquing furniture chair side table barrock appearance

aging furniture ideas with paint wax home furniture dining table


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