DIY Raised beds in the vegetable garden – ideas and materials

DIY raised bed vegetable garden wood planks garden design ideas

Every gardener would like to have a rich harvest and there are many home gardeners who turn to creative DIY raised beds ideas which help them to significantly increase the yield of the garden.

The advantages of DIY raised beds in the vegetable garden

raised beds wood cedar vegetable garden ideas patio design ideas

Experienced gardeners use raised beds for growing vegetables, but also as decorative ornaments. Since you have control over the construction of the DIY raised beds in the vegetable garden, you can determine the design too. One of the greatest advantages of raised beds in the garden is that weeds are much easier to control and you do not have to bend too much while working in the garden.

How to construct DIY raised beds?

DIY raised beds vegetable garden wood planks home garden design

It is not difficult at all. You may follow one of the many tutorials on the internet and follow some simple rules. The raised beds should be at least eight inches deep and filled with rich soil. A good start would be to mix to two-thirds of soil with one third of compost soil. As far as the width of DIY raised beds is concerned, it is preferable to construct them with a width of 1.20 meters, so you can easily work.

 What is the best material for DIY raised beds in the vegetable garden?

 DIY raised beds vegetable garden wood box plant

The first and most popular material for DIY Raised beds is lumber. It is easy to use for different constructions and in addition it is a solid and durable material. Cedar or redwood would be an ideal material for your raised beds because they are weather resistant and withstand well against pests.

high raised beds bricks vegetable garden ideas patio garden

Bricks or cement blocks are also a good idea because of their shape. It is very easy to build raised beds with bricks and they are perfect for small gardens. An additional plus is that they have a great visual appeal.

DIY raised beds vegetable garden metal containers

Metal containers are a cheap option which proves to be quite cost effective. The disadvantage is that they are susceptible to rust and corrosion.

wattle raised garden bed garden decoration ideas rustic garden

Other alternatives are sandbags, hay bales, and many other which will help you increase the productivity of your garden.

 Tall pyramid raised bed structure

creative space saving DIY raised beds vegetable garden ideas

Natural stone raised beds

decorative vegetable garden ideas diy raised beds garden fence

Backyard design with wooden raised beds

DIY raised beds plans vegetable garden design ideas wood planks pergola

DIY raised beds vegetable garden ideas wooden beds

DIY raised beds vegetable garden ideas wood rods

garden shed vegetable garden ideas DIY raised beds design

raised beds DIY ideas materials garden design ideas

raised beds vegetable garden design DIY garden beds ideas

Raised beds vegetable garden home garden ideas

small vegetable garden raised beds wooden garden fence

vegetable garden ideas raised beds construction DIY

vegetable garden ideas raised beds wooden crates

Vegetable garden raised beds metal containers gravel paths

beautiful vegetable garden raised beds bricks patio decoration

raised beds ideas wooden crates DIY garden beds

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DIY Raised beds woden bed frame herb garden ideas

DIY Raised beds vegetable garden ideas stone beds

DIY Raised beds garden ideas herb garden ideas


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