Dining Room

Specifications in furnishing a dining-room


Contemporary dining room furniture

The dining room is the place, where we have family gatherings and greet guests on more special occasions. The room should be pleasant and comfortable for everyone in any of those occasions.
The room’s furnishing depends mainly on the area provided. If the area is larger, we can arrange everything with ease, but if it’s smaller, we’ll have to experiment.

Table with chairs


Modern wooden round table with chairs in dining room

The main furnishing set is the table and chairs. That’s what puts the room together. The options are by no means unlimited. The standard rectangular table with four, six or eight chairs tends to be replaced by the round table, which is becoming standard in its own right. They are most often placed in the centre of the room, but if the dining place is actually a part of the living-room, it’s devised as a separate crib. Standard dining room furniture includes cupboards for the various sets of dishes, which are to be placed across a wall.

Dining room lighting fixtures


White dining room with lighting fixtures and black furniture set

The choice of colours is up to the home masters. This room is the one place in the house, which allows darker tones to be more widely used.
The lighting can either be provided by a single source in the middle of the ceiling, or equally spread by built in lighting fixtures, with additional light coming from the hung ceiling.

Dining room and living room combo


Dining room and living room combo with parquet on floor

Floor coverings are usually terracotta, marble or parquet. If the dining room is a part of the living room, the same type of covering can be used. Using a different type would make the two places more strongly divided, if you would like to use them as completely separate rooms. A common choice for different floor coverings is parquet for the living-room and terracotta for the dining room. This separates the two places in terms of usage from one another.

Dining room decoration


Minimalist dining room with colorful decoration

The dining room decoration is usually more simplistic and doesn’t quite allow the imagination to be used to a full extend. Paintings, ceramic dishes or works of art are suitable elements for refreshing the interior. Beautifully crafted wine shelves can also find their place in the dining-room. Portable coffee tables for serving tea or coffee are also suitable for this room, often used at breakfast time, or for small social gatherings.
Well furnished, the dining room can become a favoured place in the household.

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