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Four of the best green dining rooms


Minimalist living dining furnishing design

Do you like green? Do you think green sometimes? Are eco-styled person? If at least one of these three answers is positive, you must try one of these great interior design ideas. We are here to introduce you four of the best green dining rooms. Do not worry – you can eat meat here, as well – they are not on mandatory for vegetarians – on the contrary the green dining room is a great dressing to your favorite meat meals. First green dining room is odd, contemporary, classical and minimalistic, also. Its green elements, as you can see on the picture, are the weird curtains and the lovely armchairs, which substitute the traditional chairs, which are combined with the dining table.

Green simple acrylic chairs design


Green simple acrylic chairs design

The curtains are the thing that expresses us, what attracts our attention. See, you can achieve some great colorful effect in a room even with a simple décor such as the curtains!? Second green dining room is not that green, either. The walls are in a color, which can be defined as hybrid between the green and the brown – for some of you it can be connected with the military nuance. The green accents in this dining room are the two wicked glass chandeliers that are making a great collaboration with the green round vase on the main dining table.

Dining room green interior design


Dining room green interior design

Third green dining room! Stunning! Amazing and odd! The delicate and refined approach in this interior design can make us blind. The luxurious atmosphere can impress even the most exacting client and who said that green is not contemporary and magnificence? It perfectly suits to the crystal chandelier, to the finest teak wooden chairs and dining table and to the retro authentic paintings on the green walls.

Modern green dining room


Modern green dining room in classic style

Last, the fourth green dining room is even more joyful and funny, because we all have to admit that the green color brings some kind of happiness and harmony into our souls. Here, the green peaceful spirit is connected with the dynamic and jolly orange mood. The green wallpapers are perfectly combined with some ordinary but covered in a very unordinary orange damask chair.

Text by Abigail

Elegant dining room interior


Elegant dining room interior

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