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Modern dining table furniture and interior

Regardless where the home masters dine and where they welcome their guests, the dining table should always be arranged, so it will be pleasure every time, when the family and guests gather around it. The daily dining table arranging doesn’t take much time and simply needs a sense of detail to be present in the one, who arranges it. Common sense regarding the utensils’ arrangement is all the skill needed. What type of cutlery and utensils should be present according to the menu, how they should be arranged, so they’ll be convenient to use, is a task, which the person handling the arrangement should be well aware of.


Christmas decorations table setting with white table cloth

The traditional white table cloth may be refreshed by adding thin colour lines near its corners, which would unexpectedly change the interior, giving a more interesting flair to it. It can also be replaced by a special table cloth with motives, characteristic for a specific holiday. Coloured table cloths are another option. They should be selected in terms of colour in such a manner, so they’ll be in tone with the tableware, or make a contrast by serving as a background, in which the other details would stand out. Napkins are one of the most important elements in table decoration. They should fit well with the predominant colours for the tableware, or relate to them thematically. The napkins with sea motives are suitable, when the main menu consists of fish or sea-food.

Holiday dinner table


Holiday dinner table with candels

Another important element, which is present in the table setting, is candles. The choice for the number of candles, their size and form, is determined by the arranger’s sense of aesthetics. It  is  essential  that  they  be  arranged  in  such  a way,  that  they create a romantic atmosphere, without overcrowding the table.


Modern dining room furniture with flower vase

The traditional flower vase can be replaced by synthetic flowers, picked out by the house mistress in tone with the other elements of the arrangement. Small ceramic figures, placed on appropriate places onto the table, maybe around the fruit bowl, will bring out better humour in the people dining there. An interesting idea for the table arrangement is choosing a special theme and arrangement for a particular event. Various ideas include an everyday table for unconventional gatherings, a table for a child’s holiday, an anniversary, or just a coffee table for afternoon chats with friends. If your main goal is an aesthetic outlook to the table configuration, a seasonable table, focusing on nature’s colourfulness and beauty in a specific season, would be an original idea you might want to try.

Holiday table decor


Aqua and green holiday table decor

Arranging the table is a way for the house mistress to give will to her fantasy by using her sense of beauty and aesthetics.

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