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Arranging a holiday table


Holiday table decoration

Holiday table should be arranged with impeccable taste, so as to inspire a good mood and turn the holiday into an unforgettable experience. The rules to arranging a holiday table are similar to those for the everyday table arrangement, but they also need additional details for giving a holiday cheerfulness and spark to the surroundings.The table-cloth can be standard – white, refreshed with thin colour lines near its borders, which with help putting an accent on the interior details. A special table-cloth with motives, corresponding to the holiday, can also be chosen.According to the menu, the necessary utensils should be placed.

Table with holiday decor


Table with holiday decor and dishes

For every separate dish there needs to be a utensils, placed according to the rules of table arrangement. The same goes for the cutlery. For every dish there is an appropriate type of plate or bowl, which is situated according to the order in which it is to be used.The glasses and cups are arranged in the same logic – a suitable type of glass is chosen for every drink and is situated next to the other utensils. The napkins are chosen in unison with the other utensils and cutlery’s colours and themes, and can be bent in a specific way to achieve the necessary effect. Their placement can be different, according to the result sought.

Modern holiday table


Modern holiday table settings

The candles are one of the compulsory elements for a holiday table. Single, or placed on a candle-stick, with different size and shape, aromatic or decorated with a ribbon, the candles are the house mistress’ choice to make for creating a pleasant appeal to the table.There ought to be holiday themed objects on the dining-table for establishing a cheerful atmosphere. Pumpkins, carved by the house mistress, possibly used as lanterns, are suitable for decorating the table for October 31st.

Christmas decor with candels


Christmas decor with candels on table

Figures of Santa Clause or his elves, small pine twigs or cones, are good ideas for Christmas decoration. Baskets with painted eggs, as well as figures of the Easter bunny, will create a holiday atmosphere on the dining-room for Easter. The aesthetic arrangement and decoration of the food itself give additional satisfaction and a cheerful tone at the dining table.

Holiday table decor


White red holiday table decor

The collective colour scheme should correspond to the essence of the holiday, or the people, who celebrate a special occasion. When arranging a holiday table, the collective ideas of the whole family will make the event an unforgettable one.
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