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Zebra in your dining room


Zebra decoration for dining area

Skins of animal will not bore designer ever. Leather is the material they really love and they will always use while doing their new contemporary interior design conception. They put an exotic wave into your room and transfer it from a normal place to live in to a fascinating and charming box for dreams and private bulwark you will not want to exchange or live ever. Want to have a pet at home but somebody from your family has already insured himself from this with diagnosis of an allergic intolerance? Do not worry – you will get your wished for animal at home – and nobody will have allergic shocks. Give some shelter for your zebra in the dining room right now – sounds to you weird – no, it is not – nobody will want to eat but everybody will want to eat in your dining room surrounded by this exotic and untraditional environment.

Art Deco dining room


Art Deco dining room

Here are some ideas and tips for your zebra style dining room. First of all, the most traditional presence of zebra skin at home is the carpet – down on the floor, where your feet are resting while having meal. Fortunately, with this, our ideas for a zebra in the dining room are not ended. You can also have furniture with zebra damask – eco friendly leather, of course, because a real one will leave with one sofa made of zebra only and a piece of bread for dinner till the rest of your life.

Minimal dining area


Dining room with zebra carpet

Walls could be painter with white and black stripes. For the most eccentric people among you, we suggest wallpaper murals where a flock of zebras are illustrated. Put a plastic zebra in the corner of your room to scare those of your guests who spend too much time in your living room and eat too much from your food. Zebra living room is not finished if you do not buy some appropriate and compatible to the main theme of the interior design service. Choose some glass or ceramic zebra plates, forks and spoon. Finish the interior design with decorative floor lamps with zebra motives. Designers are full of them in their portfolio. Designers will never give up from zebras!

Futuristic dining area


Futuristic dining area

Contemporary dining room


Contemporary dining room with zebra carpet


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