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The dining room


Wooden table and chairs for the dining room

The dining room is actually a wonderful room with large table in the center and chairs around it, and possession of such a room has always been considered for a privilege of the wealthy people. We all know the old rule that a guest in your home feel the hospitality of the hosts mainly in the abundance of food, which they offered him. That is why we pay so much attention to the dining room. This is the place for dining with guests, and at the same time a place, which should present the home and its owners in their best light. The dining room has gained ancient history, starting from the palace feasts, and is reaching to its present modern form.

Contemporary dining room furniture


Dining room furniture

The impressive appearance of the Victorian dining room in Cambridge inspires awe with its massive and ornate carved table and chairs. The emergence of the design profession is going in the twentieth century, and then defines terms, such as concept and style. At that time, the dining room underwent numerous transformations as space. The exhibited in the museums dining groups’ style furniture art &craft, art nouveau, art deco, modern, postmodern and minimalism can find its admirers and today. The desire to invent something new and unprecedented, can lead to amazing results.

One of the most reputable manufacturers of furniture company Vitra, this year showed a set of table and chair, by the young designer Seymour Jersey. This furniture can shock you, because they are made from potato mash and paint. Naturally, this art raises interest but are unlikely to enjoy widespread use.

Colorful dining room design


Colorful dining room design

Today, construction is very pragmatic and a separate dining room is becoming less common. There are many spacious living rooms, which are distinct separate places as kitchen, dining area, sitting or resting place for guests. Increasingly often, appear new ways of separating and connecting the furniture in a room. The most common practice is for example to combine several different styles of furniture. More and more reduced the number of people who can afford furniture in one style. In addition, we all know that what is becoming more common seen as modern. That, the furniture is not in one style, can hardly be a problem for any of us, although a mix of styles not always may be called eclecticism.

Modern dining room


Chandelier in Modern dining room design

For people with more opportunities may emerge some very specific characteristics of modern sets of dining room tables and chairs. Today the contemporary furniture designers are focused their efforts on designing furniture with clean straight lines. Of course, this appeals to many of the furniture manufacturers, because it facilitates and accelerates the manufacturing process. Nowadays we are increasingly paying attention to nature and we need to introduce elements of it in our homes. That is why fashion is oriented to the natural materials like solid wood, glass and metal in pure form, in various combinations. Recently, an additional convenience is considered a separate building plot in the pavilions of the house in which only the interior of the room is organized for welcoming guests with a long table and chairs.

This solution to the dining room, of course, has its practical side, such as this, to save the owners from the noise of guests. For style in the dining room can speak both in terms of generally accepted definitions of established history of design styles. These are styles such as Empire, secession or modern, and style that meets the preferences of the hosts. If they are practical people, then here do not expect to see luxury furniture in the style rococo, for example. Quite the contrary, the practical people furnish their homes with light and easily movable furniture with clean lines corresponding to the taste of time. Elegant and comfortable furniture, large framed photographs on the walls – all can build a modern look of the dining room. If the homemaker likes Jane Austen novels, then she can invite you in similar a romantic atmosphere. Be sure that you will find furniture with rounded shapes, patterns of flowers, accessories, i.e. everything, which is an expression of sentimentality. Maybe you will be charmed by the beautiful crystal chandeliers and paintings, which bring to mind the sense of sadness in times gone by, like also, is projected an interior with many vases with fresh flowers. Such an environment necessarily implies curtains or even shutters on the windows, to reduce the strong daylight in the room. Warm white or neutral wall colors also contribute to the creation of a typical romantic atmosphere. Candles on the table and drawers, and muted lighting of the lampshades are also contributing to this effect. If homeowners have returned from holiday in the Mediterranean and they still keep many pleasant memories of your trip, this probably would affect the interior of their house, and of course the table. Perhaps in the decor of their home you will feel the Mediterranean breeze and you should not be surprised the presence of braided straw chairs, tables Solid wood, painted blue or green, which are so characteristic of Mediterranean atmosphere. To creating such decoration today has many new techniques such as techniques for applying paint in natural colors. Exotic plants or motifs with olive branches for curtains and tablecloths also are part of the beautiful accessories in this dining room. On the walls instead of pictures can be placed colorful Spanish and Italian tiles in wooden frames. Dining room cabinet is open and displays beautiful cookware. The owners of this scene are most likely related with the tradition and love the classic equipment with table and chairs in the style of Louis Philippe or other similar examples of classic English decor. This room looks luxurious and talks about the seriousness of the hosts and their caring attitude to home decor. Dark colored wallpaper on the walls, original oil paintings and crystal chandeliers complement this interior. People, who like to wear extravagant and elegant clothes, at the same time their clothing is very stylish, definitely appreciate the designer’s original idea, and easy can perceive it. The dining room, built on the advanced principle is possible only for people with regard to art, but these are people who do not like traditional restrictions. Such an environment is characterized with original and extravagant furniture, designed in bright color by famous designers. For decoration of such a dining area can be used antiques, which are placed near to decors, which are in the last word in the modern design. Active people feel best in vibrant, colorful interiors, with no hint of restraint and monotony. They arranged dining corner with no restrictions of fantasy, such as preferred color patches with bright colors. This dining area is like opium for our perceptions. It can lift our mood and the colorful atmosphere on the other hand can accommodate old chairs and tables painted in bright-saturated colors. People with a more realistic view of reality do not pay much attention to details.

Comfort in the dining room


Clean and simple combinations, or cool colors like blue, green, metallic gray and even black are just in their style and this demonstrate independence. In recent years, possibly influenced by the East Asian furniture and accessories, more households fall for the beautiful dark wood furniture, low tables and sofas in contrasting colors, instead of chairs. It is good to remember that the stylishly arranged table always is a cause for admiration. Indeed, thanks to the abundance of semi-finished or availability of food and catering companies, we can afford less time for food preparation. In return, we can to invest more energy to decorate the table and arrange beautiful dishes, vases with flowers, interesting or different types of candlesticks. We can choose a beautiful and stylish items to decorate the table and this will awaken our dining room decor. For example, a plain oak table will look great if we renew it. We can use a white tablecloth, which does not fully cover the table top – rather leaves open small wood strips on both sides. This can bring a new charm, especially if there are chairs, dressed in white linen covers, beautifully arranged around the table. If the covers are up to 20 cm from the floor, this will not only facilitate the movement of chairs, but will also show some of the wooden parts of the chairs in line with the table. For such strict and clear combination, beautiful background can be wallpapers with flowers or small figures in pale pastel tone.

Another good idea is dark flooring, paved from bottom with monochromatic light carpet, which will highlight the beauty of your dining room furniture. Naturally, over such table can hang a lamp with white and broad enough lampshade! If you wish to achieve a more romantic touch to furniture, you can put a white chandelier pendant. You can use more often flowers as decorations on the table. White roses can give very beauty of the dining room and of whole house.

If you want to make a big change in the interior of your room and not spend too much money, then you can just replace the type of chairs around the table. This can lead to unexpectedly large changes in the appearance of this corner of your home. It is a good combination, for example, a table with dark wood and white woven or wooden chairs. To unite the furniture group, it is very appropriate to place tablecloth or only two narrow strips, in bright-saturated colors. From the same cloth can develop and pillows for chairs. Recently accepted as quite fresh combination of one wall to the dining room table is lined with fabric. In this case, it must contain the color of the tablecloth. Instead of the traditional high chairs with backs, you can place around the dining table, wicker or upholstered with leather or fabric chairs high, which have separate cushions for seating. In organizing the dining room or dining corner, it is important to consider not only the dining room furniture group, but and the type of wall, the curtains and pictures, because this also affects the atmosphere of the room.
Fresh pale tones can be perfectly combined with a variety of colors of serving meals on the table. On the other hand, dark combinations, with a suitable dark right of the wallpaper and curtains, can bring more luxury, especially if to this are added candles decorations for the interior. The dining room is a place where people gather on different occasions and different moods. The furniture in it cannot be changed every time, but if the host has selected tablecloth, cushions, covers for chairs, accessories and fresh flowers around in accordance with the present occasion, the dining room would look appropriate in each case. A modern conception of well-arranged table no longer includes the usual cover, hanging 20 cm from the table top. Today is considered more beautiful cross narrow tablecloths, two or three in number, which are consistent with the length of the table. It is also possible combination from the ground a long tablecloth, especially when it comes to the round dining room tables. Today more and more talk about design and people expect to see it everywhere and in everything. The easiest way is to meet this expectation with a good-looking decoration of the table.

You can use flowers in season or autumn leaves and interesting stones. The small figurines or pine boughs, ivy, twigs, even shells placed on the middle of the table, also can bring a good mood. Every homemaker can show creativity and flair for beauty with new ideas.

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