Dining Room

Contemporary Russian Dining room


Contemporary Russian dining room

Traditions do not allow us improvising and creating our own way of lifestyle and furnish. They have been stuck in our lives like diseases we cannot cure from. For example, you should be very brave to come against the established rules of living if you live in the country Russia. Guess what – Russian people must surprise you because even they are ready to jump in the new interior designer`s conceptions for organizing homes in some untraditional way or style.

Russian minimalist dining room


Russian minimalist dining room

Presenting you the new vision for a dining room in so traditional Russian homes and families, you will see that things may change very fast and this change is really beautiful. Big chandeliers are substituted with convenient sets of lighting that could be easily removed for fixing or throwing in the garbage if you want to refresh your room. Big rich carpets with long hairs are old fashioned on contemporary interior design in Russia, too. For their dining room, people here choose floor-boards in warm brown colors that make a great combination with the leather chairs and the impressive table made from bamboo or palm tree.

Dining area with built-in TV


Modern Russian dining area with built-in TV

Ok, all of this does not sound really contemporary or untraditional. The main modern idea in Russian dining room hides in the decoration. All around the room are set marble arches with black and white motives – flowers, hieroglyphs or spread spots. This is not the only decoration on the wall, actually. We find built in stereo and LCD TV sets which makes the view even more contemporary. Warm family atmosphere is substituted with hi-tech mood.

Russian dining room elements


Stylish Russian dining room elements design

Naturally, dishes and dinner sets are key elements in dining room. The big table is decorated with flat and simple white plates, cup with fruits and again bamboo – bamboo cover. Winter feelings and cold impressions in Russia are hidden beyond the exotic sensation of warmth and luxury. No unnecessary things are put on the table. Although Russian people are lovers of hearty meals, here, we find thriftiness and modesty – symbol for new philosophy of healthy nutrition.

Luxury Russian dining room design


Luxury Russian dining room design

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