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A White Dining Room is an Interior Design Classic

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There is something classically elegant about a white dining room regardless of the interior design style.  White is a fabulous choice for a dining room as it is so versatile. It is like the home designer’s version of ‘the little black dress’, it always looks fabulous and never goes out of fashion. The reasons why the white dining room remains high in the popularity stakes are numerous and varied.  White makes any interior appear fresh and light.  It will add sense of space to even the smallest of rooms.  White dining rooms are remarkably easy to coordinate.  Introduce a whole variety of different styles of furniture into your design scheme, and as long as they are white, they will harmonize perfectly.

White dining room – classic design

White creates a serene and calming atmosphere, the perfect ambience for enjoying meals in.  At breakfast time, with the early morning daylight streaming in, your white dining room will fill you with vitality, ready to start another busy day.  By night your pure white dining room can be transformed with low or even coloured lights to a place that is welcoming and intimate for entertaining in. White highlights the forms in architecture and furniture, the action of light on these will be dynamic as subtle shadows shift throughout the day.  Introduce a range of textures to your white dining room and you will be surprised at how these changes in illumination draw your attention to the beauty of these vibrant surfaces.  Your white room will become as fascinating as a piece of sculpture.

Adding colour in white dining room

If you feel that you want to add colour to your white dining room, this can be introduced using artworks, fabrics and accessories.  All of these things can be altered to suit your mood or for different occasions.  In this way your white interior design scheme is not just beautiful it is economical and flexible as well.

Enjoy creating your version of this design classic safe in the knowledge that your perfect white dining room will look totally fresh and modern for years and years to come.

by Jaz

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