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Table runner ideas – fresh accents of a festive table decor

lace doilies table runner table decoration ideas

Table runners are, by definition, long and narrow bands of tissue that serve not only to protect our furniture but add an accent to the table decor for every holiday. The variety of colors and textures is enormous and we will give you some ideas how to use the runners so that your dining table looks elegant and beautiful.

 Table runner size and shape

tea party table setting table decoration ideas lace doilies runner

When you buy or craft a table runner you need to consider your table size so measure the width and length of your table. The runner width should be equal to 1/3 of the width of the table and its length should be 30 cm longer, so that the edges would hang 12-15 cm from each end of the section. There are no particular rules how to lay a table runner. It can be used in different ways as per your own taste. Most often it is placed in the center of the table on the tablecloth. In this case it is advisable that the runner is in a different color from the main tablecloth. The runner can be used to place your festive decoration or a spectacular centerpiece – vases with flowers and fruits, candles, etc. If you have a round table, make sure that the runner is long enough. X-shaped runners look really good on round tables.

 Creative materials for the table runner

paper flowers crafts table decorating ideas DIY table runner ideas

Besides the traditional rectangular shape of the table runner, it can be used in various other shapes – flowers, vegetables or anything else. Such runners are best used for seasonal holidays or special theme parties. Colorful flowers would be perfect for a girl’s birthday party, a carrot – for Easter holidays, autumn leaves – for Halloween. Knitted lace doilies on the table are a magnificent interior decoration at any season. The elegance and sophistication of such runners will give your room a sense of romance.

 table runner ideas table decorating ideas wedding table decor

 DIY lace doilies runner for the table

table runner ideas DIY doily table runner

 Colorful table setting in Mexican style

Table decoration ideas Mexican style napkin rings chilly peppers colorful runner

 Elegant table setting with fresh flowers

table decoration ideas fresh flowers white table runner

 DIY idea for a table decoration

table decoration ideas DIY runner ideas

 Festive table decoration with polka dot pattern

Purple white polka dots table decoration cool napkin idea small gifts

table decoration black white gold

Pink organza table runner white tablecloth table decorating

orange carrot runner easter table decoration ideas

maritime table decoration shells napkin rings table runner

seasonal table runner Autumn table decoration

handmade table decoration doily runner

garden party table decoration colorful tablecloth doily table runner

Festive table decorating ideas pink table runner tulips

lavender polka dot table runner fresh flowers

elegant doily table runner DIY table decoration ideas

DIY table decoration beautiful doily runner

cool table runner dining table decorating ideas

colorful table runner placemats napkins festive table decoration

brown orange table runner halloween craft ideas

blue satin runner festive table decoration fresh flowers

beige table runner floral centerpiece pinecones


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