Bridal shower ideas – how to organize a lovely party?

bridal shower ideas party decoration ideas

A bridal shower party is always fun. Ask anyone! Who throws a bridal shower? How to organize a lovely party? Are you tired of standard bridal shower ideas? How do you imagine your bridal shower – formal or informal? We shall try to help you, because if you are hosting a bridal shower you will definitely need some help and you wouldn’t want to forget something and ruin it all, would you? Let’s see the basic elements of an elegant and memorable bridal shower.


Bridal shower ideas – When and where to have a party?

summer bridal shower ideas garden party ideas wedding shower decor

To begin with, a bridal shower is usually hosted by the maid of honor. In case you are that special person you have to decide where and when to throw the party, what would be the theme, the dеcor, the food menu and an array of other issues. It will be a good idea to organize the party some time in advance to the wedding day so that it will not be “a last minute idea”.

wedding shower ideas flower centerpieces pink roses garden bridal shower ideas

Four or six weeks before the Big day is a suitable time. As to the question “where”, the options are quite many. You can choose from an outdoor party – an elegant afternoon tea party in the garden, a dinner or lunch for the family and friends of the bride-to-be in a park or even the beach or a opt for a favorite restaurant, beauty salon, gallery, etc. The bridal shower ideas below will hint you on the spot and the relevant decor.

 Bridal shower ideas – the decoration

summer bridal shower ideas garden party decoration ideas table setting DIY

Organizing a bridal shower requires some careful planning. One of the elements is the decoration, of course. Fresh flowers, colorful paper lanterns, candlesticks, lanterns – the decoration should express the festivity of the occasion and the personality and style of the bride-to-be. Most bridal shower ideas are limited to the color and theme choice, and of course, they are important, but you should not forget that a successful party includes many other elements.

 summer wedding shower ideas bridal shower ideas garden decoration

summer nautical bridal shower ideas outdoor party decoration lanterns candles

garden-party-summer weddig shower ideas table decoration green color theme

garden decoration bridal shower ideas lanterns roses romantic decor

elegant bridal shower ideas stylish table decoration fresh flowers

garden bridal shower ideas table decoration ideas floral centerpice

elegant bridal shower ideas for decoration table setting garden decor

bridal shower ideas tea party decoration ideas garden party

bridal shower ideas party themes ideas table decoration centerpiece ideas


Lingerie shower ideas – always fashionable

lingerie shower ideas wedding shower theme ideas lace lingerie

Lingerie shower ideas are focused around the gifts for the bride, but the gifts themselves can be a game and a decoration! If that is your theme, you can use the invitations to ask each guest to bring lingerie gifts that match their personality and style. Decorate the room with the presents and turn it to a game asking the bride to guess who brought what. This is going to be a lot of laugh, jokes and tons of good mood!

lingerie shower ideas party decorations food menu ideas

lingerie shower ideas invitations activitites ideas

lingerie shower ideas food menu tea party ideas

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 Wedding shower ideas – food and drinks

bridal shower ideas food drinks champaigne roses ice cubes

Once you have decided the time and place for the bridal shower, the invitations are sent, it is time to think of the food and drinks. The choice will depend, of course on where and when the party is to take place. If you organize a tea party, heavy food and liquor are not appropriate to serve. Keep to elegant sandwiches and sweets which go with tea perfectly. If you are organizing a beach party, a picnic or a garden party, you could organize food stations for meals and deserts.

wedding shower food menu ideas wedding shower decoration ideas

wedding shower food ideas how to organize garden wedding shower

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summer wedding shower appetizer ideas fresh fruit

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DIY bridal shower ideas food drinks summer garden party drinks

creative bridal shower ideas food drinks ice lolly pops

cool wedding shower food ideas ice cream cones

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 Wedding shower ideas – the favors

bridal shower ideas themes decorations favors old new borrowed blue theme

Bridal shower favors are a way to express gratitude and respect to the guests. Make sure that they are matching the theme of the wedding shower. If the party is in a beauty salon, handmade soaps will be a perfect gift. A gift box with macarons will be the perfect favor gift if you organize a tea party and a jar of strawberry jam will fit a picnic themed party. Get inspired by the bridal shower ideas and have wonderful time!

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