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Table Decoration idea – Perfect Valentine Tables for Two (or More)

 Perfect Valentine's Table deco

The true focus of Valentine’s Day is surely Romantic Love

 Although Valentine’s Day is now enjoyed by children, adults, friends and family, the star players have to be couples in love.  This is one special day a year when you can spend time pampering your lover and hopefully being pampered yourself!  If you are in a long term relationship its easy to take the one you love for granted, so maybe this year make an extra effort to celebrate your relationship and rekindle the romance.  If your love is all new and starry eyed then this is the day to make the most of it. valentines candies

Enjoying a perfect Valentine meal in an intimate setting is the ideal occasion to let your beloved know just how deep your feelings run.  Shown here are some fabulous table settings to make the romantic meal just perfect. Although most of these images show place settings for more than two, they are intended to inspire you to adapt what you see to suit your personal celebration.

Romantic Pinks for a Sweet Touch

Valentines day table decoration for romantic dinner

This perfect Valentine table is sparkling in romantic candlelight.  Pink is the dominant color seen in the dinner service and gorgeous heart shaped soup bowls.

Romantic table set  for valentines day

The candle light dances and makes the immaculate cut glass glitter with life.  Heart shaped sweets are used to create a theme these are piled high in decorative glass containers and used as a base to ‘plant’ more candles in.

Candles on the table valentines day

Pink feathers and paper petals make a perfect centerpiece that consolidates the delicate soft ambience of this romantic table setting.

Passionate Reds Touch the Heart

A pure white setting is provided by the cane dining chairs, delicate filigree dinner plates and snowy white napkins.  Rich red highlights in the printed plates, wine glasses and decorative centre piece provide the romantic focal points on this table and establish a passionate theme for a perfect Valentine table.  This is a very grown up table, but with a hint of fun provided by the confectionery filled centre piece and oversized message cookies.

Valentine’s day Table decoration

red valentines day table decoration

romantic valentines day table decoration

Romantic Valentine’s Day Breakfast


Of course your perfect Valentine table doesn’t have to be set in the dining room.  Why not celebrate your love in a more private room.  These illustrations show a gorgeous small table prepared for two in an equally romantic bedroom. There is totally traditional feel to this table which is draped with a long antique lace cloth.  The red velvet chairs are ideal for this occasion and pink candles, a gorgeous pink orchid and fabulous heart shaped cakes add the romantic embellishments.


Beautiful Berry Reds for True Romantics

Table Decoration idea - Perfect Valentine's Table deco

Table Decoration idea – Perfect Valentine’s Table decoration

Passionate berry red sets the tone for this perfect Valentine table.  This is a richly dressed and luxurious table.  It is unrestrained in its expression of romantic love.  The red walls in this room provide an ideal backdrop for a Valentine’s Day meal.  The gorgeous centre piece is simply a display of sumptuous red berries crammed into a traditional white jug.  On the side of the jug the word ‘Love’ is prominent in romantic red script.

romantic table decor - valentines day

White is used to highlight the depth of the crimson candles, wine glasses, and delicious heart shaped cakes. Flickering candle light provides the perfect romantic ambience at this idyllic Valentine table.

All these superb tables are the result of careful and creative planning. Achieving this level of perfection in table dressing can’t be done in a hurry.  If you want to create this type of luxurious ambience you will need to plan your perfect Valentine table in advance of the special occasion.  Having said this, with some forethought, of course you can produce something as beautiful as these examples.

by Jaz

Table Decoration idea – Perfect Valentine’s Table deco

valentines day table deco

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