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Pamper the One You Love with a Personalized Valentine Gift

Easy Personalized Valentine Gift ideas

Personalized Valentine Gift Idea for Him

Valentine’s Day has to be about treating your loved one ( and probably yourself) to something extras special.  This could be a night out or a romantic night in, a piece of jewelry, something to make the taste buds tingle or something fabulous to wear. Anything goes as long as it has a real ‘feel good factor’ attached.  Your sweetheart won’t appreciate being presented with a vacuum cleaner, a food blender or a car cleaning set!

So firstly make sure your gift actually pampers the one you love.  Of course store bought gifts will be very acceptable but adding a personal touch will contribute that extra message of affection.  These personalized Valentine gift ideas are all easy to achieve and will make your Valentine feel extra special and cared for.

Fantastic Valentine Movie Hamper

Personalized Valentine Gift Idea for Him or Her

This great gift idea sets the scene for the perfect night in.  Putting together this personalized Valentine gift hamper will really express your deep feelings and affection.  It says to the one you love, “Let’s spend the night together, there’s nothing else I would rather do

This is literally a ‘date in a box’ which includes a super romantic movie, two individual bottles of champagne, and your partner’s favorite sweets or chocolate, which of course, you get to share!  In addition, there are marshmallows and toasting twigs so that you can toast marshmallows by the fire!  This idea is easy to adapt so you can put whatever selection of goodies your partner and you will enjoy the most on a cozy night in.

Personalized Valentine Gift Bags

Personalized Valentine Gift Bags

These fun bags are ideal for presenting your Valentine with that extra special personalized Valentine gift.  It is the unusual packaging which adds the personal touch.  To make these, place a piece of smooth craft card inside a shop bought muslin or canvas gift bag (available from Amazon) and using a craft stamp  print a customized image onto the front. Remove the card and let the bag dry for a few minutes and then place your surprise gift inside.  Nothing could be simpler once you have sourced the materials.

Give it with Love

Give it with Love - Gift Idea Valentines Day

This is another lovely packaging idea which will be greatly appreciated especially as the labels are edible.  Give your sweetheart your love with this delightful personalized Valentine gift idea.  Again whether you put candies or jewels or a ticket to a show in the bag, it is the outer appearance which adds a touch of magic.  To make this gift bag you need; a plain brown paper bag, a wooden clothes pegs, some red craft card, wrapping paper, double sided tape and pinking shears.  Using dressmaker’s pinking shears; cut a fancy border around a label made from red craft card. On top of this add a layer of contrasting or patterned paper and then stick on some foil-wrapped chocolates with double-sided tape.  Heart shapes are of course the post appropriate for this occasion.

Lasting Love Message

Gift Idea - Lasting Love Message

This simple idea will remind your partner of you every time they settle down to relax with a good book.  Make this attractive bookmark, cut a rectangle shape out of cream-color craft felt and using a small template, draw a heart on the back side. Cut the shape carefully with scissors or a craft knife. Glue the cream felt bookmark onto red l felt and trim the edges with pinking shears. To make the stitched bookmark, use chalk to mark the stitch lines, then sew along these guidelines using embroidery silk. Finally, cut a heart from red felt and glue this onto the front.  If you were feeling really creative you could develop this personalized Valentine gift idea to make a matching felt book cover or pouch for you lovers favorite read!

Hopefully you will find something here that inspires you to create a very original Valentine gift that will surprise and delight your partner with that extra personal touch.

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