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Handcrafted Valentine Cards for You to Make – Martha Stewart’s Design


Beautiful Valentine card 

 Make your own Valentine card is both satisfying and fun. You will be sending a more personal message to your sweethearts and they will  appreciate your thoughtfulness and creative effort.  In short handcrafted Valentine’s cards are so much more meaningful.  All you need for a basic card making kit are the following items:

  • Craft card, scrapbook paper, and envelopes
  • Pens and pencils
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • craft cutting mat
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hole punch
  • Bone folder (card creasing tool)
  • Printed card
  • Spray adhesive

The variety of card making possibilities is infinite. Here are a few easy to achieve and eye-catching examples for you to try.

Handcrafted Valentine Cards for You to Make –

Martha Stewart’s Designs


Handmde greeting cards for your beloved

These gorgeous handcrafted Valentine cards are created using printing tools that have been made from corrugated cardboard and wine corks.  With these you can make fabulous stylized flower images. To make these cards, first round the edges of colored paper with scissors, create the printed images, and attach the design to folded craft card with spray adhesive.  In addition to the materials listed at the start of the article for this activity you will need:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Waxed twine
  • Wine cork
  • Ink pads

Making the Printing Tools :

1. Cut cardboard to 10.5 cm by 10.5 cm (for small roses) and 10.5cm by 30 cm (for large ones). Roll up each cardboard piece, and fix using twine. The curled end will produce the rose images.

2. Slice off 7mm  from half of the flat end of cork, creating a raised semicircle (for leaf printing).

3. To print press the end of rose stamps onto an ink pad, and apply gently but firmly to your paper. Repeat this activity to build up your composition then add leaf shapes with the cork stamping block.

2. Slice off 1/4 inch from half of 1 flat end of cork, creating a raised semicircle (for leaves).

3. Press end of rose stamps onto ink pad, and apply to paper. (Your first rose may be light; pressing several times onto pad will yield bolder roses as the cardboard absorbs ink.) Complete composition using leaf stamp.

You can also produce beautiful wrapping paper to match your hand crafted Valentine cards using the same  simple printing technique.

Love Grows

“Say it with flowers” – beautiful handcrafted Valentine cards

Lovely handcrafted Valentine card

To create this lovely handcrafted Valentine card download an old-fashioned botanical image from the internet.  Make sure you select a large enough image that will print clearly. Choose a flower that is symbolic of love such as ‘Forget Me Not’ or ‘Cupid’s Dart’. Paste the image into a document template and add your own message as shown in the illustration.  Then add a packet of corresponding seeds to the card front.  The one shown here uses a small gassing envelope to contain the seeds.  These are available from main craft suppliers.  This is a card which will give pleasure all year round.

Fabulous Fabric Handcrafted Valentine Cards

Stylish Valentine cards

To make this unusual card you do need to know one end of a sewing needle from the other, but that’s about all the skill you need. The soft colors of the hearts and delicate stitches create a wonderfully romantic impression.

In addition to the main card making kit you will need: waxed twine, pink, red, white, and cream felt or construction paper and an embroidery needle.

Making Instructions :

The basis of this card is a piece of folded construction paper.  Or a shop bought card blank.  The size is up to you.

Using scissors or a craft knife, cut six 4 cm-tall heart shapes from felt or construction paper in different colors. To make this task simpler, use one heart as a template for the rest. . If using paper, fold the hearts in half lengthwise, creating sharp creases down their middles. If using felt mark the centers lightly with chalk.

Next cut two 5-by-11-cm rectangles from felt or paper. Use double-sided tape to affix each rectangle horizontally to the front of the card.  Make two pencil or chalk marks on each heart’s center line approx 1.25 cms apart; use an embroidery needle to pierce a hole at each mark.

Attach three hearts to each rectangle on the card, let the hearts overlap slightly. Stick the needle through the holes in each heart and through the card to ensure alignment. Cut lengths of waxed twine, and thread each length through the guide holes in each heart.  A single stitch shows at the front and then is tied and knotted neatly on the inside of the card.  Trim the ends neatly.

Romantic Tulle Banner Cards

Handcrafted Valentine greeting cards

Based on French fabric designs popular in the 18th century these pretty banner cards have a very historic and romantic appeal

To make a tulle banner card you will need:  tulle fabric patterns from the internet. A plain card blank (shop bought or handmade), white paper, PVA glue, A fine point paint brush, Glitter.

Making Instructions :

Download and print a suitable tulle fabric design image.

Using plain white paper cut out a banner shape as shown in the illustrated example and write your love message onto this.

Cut your tulle design smaller than the card blank to leave a small border at the edge of your handcrafted Valentine card.

Decide where you want to position your message banner and then use a craft knife, to make two slits in thetulle card front to slip the banner ends into. Insert the banner into the slits and then stick the completed tulle banner design to the card blank. Use a clean cloth to smooth the design down being careful not to crease your handiwork.

Optional – For extra sparkle, add highlight details to your handcrafted Valentine card by dabbing selected areas of the design with glue and sprinkling these with glitter.  Shake of the excess glitter. Make sure the card is fully dry before placing in an envelope!

Delicate Doily Cards

St. Valentine cards for long distance lovers

These inexpensive paper doilies are simply perfect for creating romantic handcrafted Valentine cards. Their pretty filigree designs are ideal for adding a hint of nostalgia to Valentine’s Day.

Cutting sections out of floral doilies will generate a plethora of lacy paper flowers to decorate your cards. ‘Harvest’ a good mix of flower shapes and then stick these to the front of folded card blanks. If you wish, add in green paper stems and foliage to your designs. Or if you prefer, write your Valentine message in white gouache or ink.  Use another lacy flower to seal your envelope.

Surprising Valentine Treats

Lovely handcrafted greeting cards

These inventive packages are actually deconstructed Valentine’s Day messages: Oddly the envelopes have become the cards. To achieve this effect, stick the back of a small envelope to a piece of decorative craft card, and then tuck a flat ‘gift’ inside.  For example: tickets to a show or a day out, vouchers foe a spa or a token for a meal or special night out. To make these gift cards extra special decorate them with paper hearts, flowers etc. then hide secret messages inside the flap.

Top Tips

If planning to post your handcrafted Valentine card, measure the envelope first and adjust the size of the card to fit.

For the cleanest results, cut the paper with a craft knife on a cutting mat, always use a metal ruler for cutting straight lines

Some cards might need additional backing to hide construction marks or add extra weight

There is really something for everyone in this collection of cards – all these handcrafted Valentine card ideas will be originals when constructed by your own fair hands.

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