Thanksgiving date in 2015 and ideas for the festive dinner and decor

Thanksgiving date in 2015 thanksgiving decor ideas dinner menu


Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November which means that Thanksgiving date in 2015 is on Thursday, the 26th of November. We will show you some useful ideas for the Thanksgiving dinner menu and magnificent decorations for the home and the festive table.


Thanksgiving date in 2015 – home decoration ideas


Thanksgiving date in 2015 festive decor ideas front door decorations pumpkins

Now that you know that Thanksgiving date in 2015 is a month away, you may start with the planning of the decorations. Of course, the main idea of Thanksgiving is to express gratitude for the gifts of Nature and the rich harvest. The elements of Thanksgiving decorations are so many but all of them are united by the richness of fall colors. Firstly, pumpkins! Place them on the stairs or on the front porch Thanksgiving door wreaths are fascinating. Use burlap, dried apples, autumn leaves, feathers, berries etc to make opulent decorations.

creative diy thanksgiving decorations front door wreath design branches pumpkins leaves

It will be great if you tried to craft most of your Thanksgiving decorations by yourself. You can find almost anything you need in your yard. Homemade decorations save money but also have a natural and stylish look. In addition, using your creativity also adds to the festive spirit. The tree leaves change their color from intense reds, vibrant shades of pink, orange and yellow and muted shades of brown and copper. The pumpkins can also be found in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. Decorative corn and dry corn leaves with dark red and brown seeds are another popular item. Decorate the living room with beautiful arrangements – flowers, candles, nuts. Add a banner to the mantel or an autumn garland made of leaves and pine cones.

Thanksgiving date in 2015 home decoration ideas front door decor flowers

Thanksgiving date in 2015 decor ideas front door decoration apples pumpkins

creative thanksgiving decoration ideas pumpkins autumn leaves front door

thanksgiving decoration outdoor decor fall wreath ideas leaves pine cones

DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas front door decoration pumpkins basket

Thanksgiving decor ideas mini pumpkins candle holders mantel decoration ideas

Thanksgiving decor ideas DIY home decor ideas candles leaves

Thanksgiving decoration ideas living room decor lanterns leaves

Thanksgiving decoration ideas table centerpiece fresh flowers lanterns

Thanksgiving decoration ideas mantel decoration pumpkins wreath leaves garland

thanksgiving decoration ideas fall wreath cornucopia mini pumpkins

Thanksgiving date in 2015 how to decorate for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving crafts for kids DIY thanksgiving decoration ideas pinecone turkey

Thanksgiving craft ideas tree leaves pine cones autumn colors

Quick Thanksgiving decoration ideas mantel decor banner

mantel decoration Thanksgiving ideas white orange colors leaves garland

easy DIY thanksgiving home decorating ideas autumn branches


Thanksgiving date in 2015 and fantastic table decoration ideas


Thanksgiving 2015 table decoration ideas centerpiece ideas flower box fresh flowers

Thanksgiving date in 2015 is around the corner and it is time to think of a beautiful festive atmosphere in the dining room and the decor of your Thanksgiving dinner table. Think of warm, colors and autumn leaves. A Thanksgiving table centerpiece is a beautiful way to decorate the table and will enhance the festivity of the occasion. Be creative with the table setting – use natural materials to craft place cards, fresh autumn flowers, candles, fruits and you will have a magnificent setting for your family dinner.


thanksgiving table setting table decoration natural materials apple autumn leaves

thanksgiving table setting ideas festive table decorations place mat pumpkin card holder

Thanksgiving Table ideas DIY table setting tea candles leaves berries

Thanksgiving table decor centerpiece ideas cornucopia centerpiece pumpkins fruits

thanksgiving decoration ideas stylish table decoration ideas centerpiece ideas

Thanksgiving 2015 table decoration ideas elegant table setting orange brown colors

Thanksgiving 2015 ideas elegant Thanksgiving table decoration

thanksgiving 2015 ideas elegant table decoration ideas

modern thanksgiving decoration ideas table setting ideas pumpkins candles

festive Thanksgiving table decoration kids table decor ideas turkey

fantastic thanksgiving table decorations wheat bundle glass vases apples

elegant thanksgiving table decoration ideas natural materials

DIY Thanksgiving table decor ideas grapes pumpkins centerpiece autumn leaves

DIY Thanksgiving table centerpiece ideas tree stump flowers

beautiful thanksgiving table decoration ideas centerpiece flowers

Beautiful thanksgiving table decorations floral arrangements pimpkin vase

beautiful thanksgiving dinner decoration dining room table candles large pillar candle white candle holder pine cones pumpkin


Thanksgiving date in 2015 and ideas for the festive dinner


Thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas thanksgiving table ideas

Every holiday gathers the families together and this is the most beautiful thing – being with the closest people. Of course, there is enough time to plan your dinner menu as Thanksgiving date in 2015 is yet to come. The traditional star of the Thanksgiving dinner is the turkey and it should be present on every table. Think of the vegetables that would complement the roasted turkey – glazed carrots, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes and do not forget the cranberry sauce. A pumpkin pie or a pecan pie is as traditional as the turkey. You can serve the food on a side table or make a beautiful display of delicious treats as a centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table. Remember that the most important thing is to enjoy your time with your family and friends!


festive thanksgiving dinner turkey sauce vegetables

Thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas festive table setting turkey

thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas turkey pecan pie

Thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas cornucopia

thanksgiving dinner dishes mashed potatoes thanksgiving menu ideas

Thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas green beans

Thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas glazed carrots

thanksgiving desserts pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas dessert ideas pecan pie

Thanksgiving dates in 2015 Thanksgiving desserts ideas caramel apples

Thanksgiving 2015 dinner menu ideas turkey cookies how to make turkey cookies

Thanksgiving dates in 2015 Thanksgiving dessert ideas acorn cookies

thanksgiving food ideas cornucopia fruits nuts


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