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Scary Halloween cakes – 25 ideas how to add some creepy decoration

 pumpkin and spiders

Don’t you just love Halloween? All this frightening feast? Wouldn’t you care for some really scary Halloween cakes, some really disgusting stuff in a Hannibal Lecter style? Have a look and pick up your creepy scary cake. Remember that no matter how haunting they look – someone has put in a lot of effort in creating and crafting them and they are a masterpiece of their own kind.

Scary Halloween cakes ideas

bath of blood

As spooky as they look, scary Halloween cakes may include all the elements for a good fright. Bones, brains, blood, skulls and eye balls. Yes, they do not look quite appetizing yet there are people who would just love this devilish design. And if you think about it – why limit yourselves with a carved pumpkin? Think about something really unforgettable…. in a most scary way.

Throw a party with Scary Halloween cakes

Spooky Halloween cakes Frankenstein stitches

Scary Halloween cakes can be a perfect centerpiece for your party. A scary skull cake may startle your guests, especially if it is rolling in worms. Impress your guests with some spooky treats, fun and frightening in equal measure. Offer them a magnificent chocolate cake with eyeballs or nails. See who is bold enough to eat a bloody brain, a spider or bite a fondant grave stone. Treat your party guests with a bloody pumpkin or a black cat cake and spook up some scary good fun.


spooky halloween cake skulls and flowers

 Splashes of blood decorate a purely white cake

Creepy Halloween cakes blood drops

A scary cake decorated with broken glass pieces, cut fingers and blood

Creepy Halloween cakes broken glass and cut fingers

 Creepy trees cake decoration

Scary Halloween cakes creepy trees

 A really spooky Halloween cake

spooky halloween cake fingers

Angel of Death scary Halloween cake

Scary Halloween cakes ghostly bird heart

 A Frankenweenie graveyard cake

Scary Halloween cakes Frankenweenie

A scary skull cake

Scary Halloween cakes skull

A spooky cake 

Scary Halloween cakes the night before

 A bloody skull cake decoration

Scary Halloween cakes bloody


 Scary Halloween cakes spooky witch


halloween cake fingercookies

 horrible halloween cakes ideas zombie halloween cake

horrible halloween cakes ideas scary halloween food human head

horrible halloween cakes ideas jack o lantern cake

horrible  halloween cakes ideas horrifying cakes ideas

horrible halloween cakes ideas eyeball black fingers

horrible halloween cakes ideas creepy halloween food ideas

scary halloween cakes ideas creepy cakes skulls

scary halloween cakes ideas clown halloween cake

scary halloween cakes ideas chess figures

scary halloween cakes ideas baby face creepy halloween ideas


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