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Homemade Halloween decorations – cool ideas for a festive atmosphere

Halloween paper craft ideas homemade halloween decoration haunted house

Homemade Halloween decorations provide a huge opportunity to create a unique Halloween decor without much effort and money. Witches, ghosts, monsters, pumpkins, black cats, bats and zombies are the main characters of a creepy design. Use our ideas so that you can quickly craft an impressive Halloween decoration and prepare your home for the feast.

 Homemade Halloween decorations at the last minute


creative-homemade halloween decoration ideas table decoration witch stockings

Homemade Halloween decorations do not necessarily take a lot of time and money to complete. A colorful paper garland is perhaps the easiest last minute idea for your home. A homemade Halloween wreath can decorate your front door and it will be a lot of fun making it. You need black and white face masks, bows, ribbons that you can attach to each other either with pins or with adhesive. Halloween Decoration can be in the traditional colors for this holiday, but you should not limit yourself to them. Surprise your guests with a playful decoration for Halloween. Decorate plates, mugs and bowls with skeletons, spiders, cobwebs or little skulls.

 Easy ideas for homemade Halloween decorations


original creative pumpkin designs Homemade halloween decoration old lady glasses lampshade

Cardboard and color paper will help you craft amazing homemade Halloween decorations. Stylized or realistic silhouettes of mice, cats, bats or other creatures made ​​of black cardboard are suitable and can be the perfect decoration for the staircase, or the window. A few pumpkin lanterns will turn your porch into a spooky backyard and will drive away evil spirits. Pumpkins are an easy table decoration too –fill them with flowers, leaves, decorate them with nuts or gold spray and you will most certainly create a real eye-catcher. Use a simple blackboard to write spooky messages and decorate it with artificial cobweb, use Halloween paper lantern templates to craft original and interesting lanterns for your porch. Do not forget to ask help from your kids and family and turn the decoration of the home into a festive activity.

  Masks Halloween wall decoration DIY halloween wreath black white

A few plastic spiders will change your front door appearance in a minute

quick Homemade halloween decorations front door decoration plastic spiders

 Dancing ghosts from balloons –  quick and easy Halloween idea for the front yard

cool Homemade halloween decorations dancing ghosts

Hang some ghosts on the chandelier for spooky shadows

Homemade halloween decoration chandelier hanging ghosts

 Styrofoam and paper will help you make these cute ghosts

Homemade halloween decorations styrifoam paper ghosts

 Use the pumpkins to create unusual designs

cool homemade halloween decorations pumpkin decorating ideas pumpkin designs

  Cute little ghosts may decorate your Halloween table

last minute Homemade halloween decorations cute ghosts halloween table decor

A good idea if you have no time to carve a lantern

homemade halloween decorations mint green pumpkin glasses witch hat

 Paper crafts are fun for the kids at Halloween time

Homemade halloween decorations Halloween paper crafts garden decorating ideas

 Halloween lanterns paper templates for unique porch decoration

Homemade halloween decoration porch decorating ideas halloween lanterns templares

 Decorate the garden quickly with paper bats

homemade halloween decoration in the garden paper craft ideas bats

homemade halloween decoration in the garden halloween paper craft ideas bats

Homemade halloween decorations pumpkin design ideas pumpkin decorating tips

halloween pumpkin decoration ideas wall color orange black crow

halloween decorating ideas small pumpkins candlestick table decoration ideas

Funny homemade Halloween decorations lantern pumpkins paper craft ideas

easy halloween decorations small vase DIY pumpkins autumn flowers

DIY halloween decoration ideas glass jars candle holder orange with face

cute halloween trick or treat decoration ideas creative craft ideas

awesome pumpkin centerpieces halloween table decorating ideas

awesome Homemade halloween decorations unique pumpkin designs sheet music

Homemade halloween decoration awesome pumpkin ribbons halloween table centerpieces


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