Halloween Decoration

Cheap Halloween decorations – ideas for crafting your holiday decor

cheap halloween decorations homemade eyeballs styrofoam easy craft ideas

Cheap Halloween decorations are perfect for DIY lovers. There are so many ideas how to decorate your home for Halloween and the best is that they do not require a lot of money, but a bit of imagination. Surprise your guests with the creepy Halloween decoration that you made yourself. We have collected 25 original ideas which are also suitable for craft beginners.


Cheap Halloween decorations – pumpkin carvings to create spooky lanterns

cheap halloween decorations idea pumpkin mice garden decorating

What is more traditional for Halloween than bright orange pumpkin lanterns? Our cheap Halloween decorations will show you a few easy pumpkin carving designs so you can craft Carve place once merry or angry pumpkin faces! If you do not feel like carving – no problem! Lanterns can be crafted from papier mache or you can decorate pumpkins in many other creative ways. Old glass jars, metal cans – all these can be effortlessly transformed into Halloween lanterns and greet your visitors.

Cheap Halloween decorations – creative ideas for your home

cheap Halloween decorations paper bats chandelier decoration

From a craft store or a party shop you can buy plastic figures of spiders, spider web, snakes or mice. With some black lace, glue, black thread and a black bow you can craft awesome decorations for the front door, the living room or the Halloween table decoration. Make a spider web from yarn and arrange it among the plant pots or scare your friends with snakes from under the door mat. Let’s not forget about Halloween paper crafts – children would be delighted to help you with the holiday décor! You can cut out flying bats from printable templates and arrange them around the front door or the windows of your house. Cut out eyes and stick them to the pumpkins, little mice in the tea cups would be fun too! So if you prefer to craft your Halloween decor, read on and enjoy the creative ideas for cheap Halloween decorations.

cheap Halloween decorations DYI lanterns glass jars

Paper ghosts to decorate the mantel

sweet Halloween decoration ghosts paper cuts cheap holiday decor

 Use the pumpkin as a table centerpiece with floating tea candles

Pumpkin lantern candles DIY cheap Halloween decoration idea table decor

 A plastic spider and a few strings will transform an ordinary pillow

Plastic spider black white pillows cheap Halloween decoration

 Ask the kids to take part in the decoration

paper pumpkin lanterns crafts ideas cheap Halloween decorations

 Decorate the lanterns with paper flying bats and fill them with pumpkins

lanterns pumpkins house decorating ideas Halloween decorating

 Craft your Halloween wreath for the front door

Halloween wreath pumpkins autumn leaves DIY halloween decoration

 Transform the door mat with tape

Halloween decorating ideas doormat tape spider web

 Hang ghosts st the porch

DIY Halloween ghosts easy craft ideas guide

Decorate your home for the Halloween party

cheap halloween party decoration ideas balloons

Decorate the stairs with paper lanterns

Cheap Halloween decorations paper lanterns house staircase decoration

halloween craft ideas DIY halloween decoration cheap decorating ideas

Funny Halloween decoration idea paper lanterns Halloween party decor

DIY-cheap Halloween decorations silhouettes cat mice bats paper crafts

DIY cheap Halloween decorations craft idea tape spiderweb

DIY cheap halloween decorations bats front door decoration

DIY cheap halloween decoration pumpkins newspapers wrapped

cheap Halloween decoration spider wall sticker front door decortaion

Cobwebs flower pots candy cheap Halloween Decoration ideas

cheap halloween decorations ideas halloween party fireplace witch broom stockings

cheap halloween decorations ideas halloween party witch paper crafts kids

cheap halloween decorations craft ideas cardboard bats black lace


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