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Best scary Halloween makeup ideas –creepy, spooky and horrifying ideas

Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-creepy-makeup-bloody face cut

To many people Halloween is about decoration, fun, party, lanterns and food treatments. Yes, Halloween is all that plus something more – the dark side. How to make a scary costume? Creepy, horrifying, spooky costumes, Halloween face painting ideas for adults, make up, something to give you goose bumps – this is also a part of the holiday. We have collected some of the best scary Halloween makeup ideas for those of you who are attracted to the horror theme.


Best scary Halloween makeup ideas – demonic creatures


Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-white contact lenses-black-makeup

Demonic creatures have inspired some of the best scary Halloween makeup ideas. The images below show really effective and creepy ideas from around the world. Some of the makeup is quite professionally done and it will take some effort to be able to re-create it. Horrifying mummy, bloody flesh, face cuts, – the more blood the better!


Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-zipper face blood

One of the most popular styles and horrifying makeup for Halloween is the zipper face. To make that makeup you will need some special materials like latex, a zip, but you can prepare them in advance for the night of Halloween.


Best scary Halloween makeup ideas – special effects tips

Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-zipper face cut fingers

Contact lenses always have a great effect. You can opt for black or white lenses which will give you a horrifying monstrous look. Fake blood can be made in several ways, with syrup and food dye, or with sugar and food dye. Apply blood on your face and clothes to get a horror movie appearance. Green face make up will give you the evil witch makeup look and with the relevant costume you will make an unforgettable impression. Get inspired by the best scary Halloween makeup ideas in the gallery below.


Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-bloody Mary

Witch costume DIY ideas


Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-skinless face fake blood


Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-for men green skull

scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas evil clown bloody cards

scary-halloween-makeup-face-wounds white contact lenses

horror makeup Halloween ideas skeleton skull makeup


Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-horror nurse makeup

Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-horror makeup vampire makeup

Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-hooror makeup DIY

Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-face makeup ideas

Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-creepy monster teeth

Best-scary-Halloween-makeup-ideas-creepy makeup ideas skinless face

Best-scary Halloween-makeup-ideas-creepy-halloween makeup skull blood

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