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Vintage Halloween decorations – throw a not too scary retro party

vintage halloween decorations tips ideas picture frame witch photo

Many people wait for Halloween as it is the most enjoyable holiday to them. It is a fact that planning the costume, make up and decorations starts many months in advance. The market is flooded with many sophisticated decorations and you will hardly see a paper pumpkin or a simple Jack-o-lantern decorating your neighbors’ porch. We will show you some excellent ideas for vintage Halloween decorations which are perfect for a not-so-spooky Halloween party, moreover, vintage is a trendy style, so – let’s be fashionable!

 Vintage Halloween decorations for the home

vintage halloween decorations books skull crow skeleton

Many people have difficulties to imagine what vintage Halloween decorations should look like. How to combine vintage style and Halloween? It is not so difficult. You just need to be creative! On the first place – you can check the flea markets for various old items which would serve you as elements of your Halloween decor. Old picture frames, for example will be a cheap way to set the main vintage theme. Put black and white pictures inside the frames, arrange then on an old table, add spider web and you are ready to go. Make a banner in black and white, burn the edges of the letters and hang the banner in the corridor, above the mantel or on the piano.


Easy DIY vintage Halloween decorations – tips and craft ideas

vintage halloween decorations apothecary cupboard rusty key old jars

One of the easiest vintage Halloween decorations is to use old books. Pile them on one another, add a crow or a skull and you will have a centerpiece without any effort. Vintage glasses, tea cups, coffee mugs – all these can be used as well for serving food and drinks to your visitors. The better if they are cracked! Find old apothecary glass jars and mix cocktails in them or fill them with different ingredients and glue labels for different kinds of poison. Check the gallery below and get inspired!

vintage halloween decorations wall pictures wooden table black chandeliers skulls

A display of vintage bottles

Vintage decor Halloween decor ideas apothecary jars display

 An old box and spider web

vintage halloween decorations wooden box books clock spider web

 Lace and black candles

halloween decor ideas vintage style staircase lace black candles

Vintage jars and picture frames

vintage halloween decorations ideas owl apothecary jar old pot

 Easy DIY vintage Halloween decor

vintage halloween decorations DIY ideas typewriter banner

Drawings of skulls

vintage halloween decorations antique picture frames skull pictures

vintage halloween decorations outdoor decor cauldron brooms crow

vintage halloween decorations old picture frame spider web black candelabras

vintage halloween decorations ideas spooky halloween decoration skeletons garden

vintage halloween decorations edgar allan poe theme table lamp lace

vintage halloween decoration ideas witch picture black lace

spooky halloween decorating ideas vintage style halloween decor shelf skulls

 vintage halloween decoration ideas banner old piano mice

DIY vintage halloween decorations flea market finds black crows

black white halloween decoration wall banner food

vintage halloween table ideas vintage decor ideas picture frames

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