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Sweet and funny toddler Halloween costumes – cool ideas for your kids

creative toddler halloween costumes spaghetti with meatballs

Holidays are particularly enjoyed by children – Christmas, Easter and of course – Halloween. The costumes for children and babies are very special. We know that every parent would be happy to see the joy on the face of his kids especially when they are dressed up in their favorite costume. Parents pay a lot of attention to toddler Halloween costumes because they require some creativity and imagination. We will show you an adorable selection in the gallery below. Get inspired!


Inspiring toddler Halloween costumes – tips and ideas

toddlers halloween costumes cute baby penguin

Surely you have thought for ideas for the Halloween costume of your baby. If not, then you will definitely find something suitable in the selection below. We want to give you a few funny and original toddler Halloween costumes ideas so that your child will look even cuter. Maybe you are also invited to a toddler Halloween party, or you are organizing one. In this case, you can use the ideas for babies and toddlers well and give a few suggestions even to your friends. Many moms love to dress up their toddlers like cute baby animals and it is true that these costumes are absolutely adorable. Superheroes and princesses must not be overlooked.

 Toddler Halloween costumes – famous movie characters

toddler halloween costumes girl costume princess mask

Toddler Halloween costumes are a lot of fun and if you start early enough with the ideas and the preparation for the holiday, you will not fall in the “last minute” trap. Use the fairy tales and most popular movie characters for inspiration – Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, pirates from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Cute minion Halloween costumes and minecraft costume for kids are absolutely funny on babies, aren’t they? Be creative and remember that this holiday has to be fun for the kids.


sweet toddler halloween costumes baby costume ideas sailor

 How to train your dragon – Toothless

toddler halloween costume Toothless how to train your dragon

 Cute little Frodo

cool toddlers halloween costumes LOTR hobbit costume

LOTR – Gimli dwarf

Adorable toddler Halloween costume LOTR Gimli dwarf small axe

Breaking bad toddler costume

cool toddler halloween costumes breaking bad costume fun baby costume

 Frida Kahlo costume- lovely DIY costume idea

creative toddler halloween costumes Frida Kahlo costume DIY

 Star wars characters – princess Leia and Chewbacca

fun halloween costumes toddlers Star wars theme

 Granny costume

funny toddler halloween costumes granny costume

super cool children costumes halloween DIY toddler halloween costumes ideas

DIY Halloween costumes for kids owl Halloween costumes

Cute Halloween costumes for toddlers octopus costume DIY costume

cute halloween costumes children eagle costume

super sweet toddlers costumes little dwarfs folk costumes Swiss mountain

cool sweet toddler halloween costumes for boys adorable ideas

cool children halloween costumes artist painting

children halloween costumes killer baby doll

baby animals Halloween costumes children hedgehog costume

sweet baby animal halloween costumes for toddlers zebra



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