Easter eggs decoration ideas – how to make marblеized eggs tutorial


DIY marbleized eggs quick cheap easter decoration ideas bright colors

Everyone loves marbleized eggs. They look original as if crafted by Nature. They are easy to make and a lot of fun too. Easter eggs decoration ideas will help you create artistic and beautiful eggs with multicolored pattern which will impress all your family members.

 Easter eggs decoration ideas – a few methods to craft marbleized eggs

DIY beautiful easter eggs ideas marbleized eggs tutorial easy crafts kids

If you have kids, organizing an egg decoration party is going to be huge fun and you need to be armed with some really creative Easter eggs decoration ideas. Remember the times when you were a kid and how much you enjoyed helping in the decoration. Of course, when we talk about food – all methods should be safe and natural. We recommend a simple and very efficient method by using olive oil with watercolor paints or food coloring dye. Mix the olive oil with the dye and add drops in a bowl filled with water. Oil and water don’t mix so the paint is not going to dilute but will float on the surface. Dye the eggs and enjoy the original effect.

 DIY Easter eggs decoration ideas – creativity with budget friendly materials

DIY easter eggs decoration ideas marbleized eggs shaving cream egg dye

Another spectacular effect is to make marbleized eggs with the help of a cheap shaving foam. Spray it and dribble food coloring across the surface. Swirl with a toothpick and roll the egg in the mixture. Allow the egg to dry, gently wipe off the shaving cream and rinse with water. You could use these Easter eggs decoration ideas and craft shades of different colors by preparing several separate mixtures. In the end you will have fantastic eggs without much effort and spending a lot of money. Have fun and enjoy the time with your kids!

marbleized eggs tutorial easy DIY easter crafts ideas kids

Marbleized eggs are original and easy to craft

easter eggs decoration ideas marbleized eggs pastel colors

 Oil and egg dye will help you craft beautiful eggs

easter eggs decoration ideas marbleized eggs safe ingredients

 Marbleized eggs are an attractive table centerpiece


 Bright or pastel colors – this type of egg decoration is always magnificent

easter decoration ideas marbleized eggs table centerpiece

 Beautiful pastel colors and marble effect

DIY marbleized Easter egg quick easter crafts egg decoration

 Shaving foam and food dye create impressive color mix

DIY marbleized eggs shaving foam egg dye

gorgeous easter eggs decoration marbleized eggs tutorial

how to make marbleized easter eggs decoration tutorial



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