Eco friendly Easter eggs coloring ideas with natural dyes


easter home decoration naturally dyed eggs

Perhaps you have already tried the natural dyes for your eggs but we have picked one of the most original and interesting Easter eggs coloring ideas which is health safe and eco-friendly. Have you ever tried dyeing with flowers? If you haven’t, well, why not experiment and try a new thing?

 Easter eggs coloring ideas – an interesting experiment

 naturally dyed eggs tutorial pictures

Easter eggs coloring ideas often include fruits, vegetables, tea and herbs. Dyeing Easter eggs with flowers will surely surprise you with the result as these are one of the most tender, delicate pastel shades you’ve ever seen. If it is your first time – try with carnations, purple daisies, and yellow poms. Besides that these are magnificent flowers they will help you create beautifully colored Easter eggs. And once you have decorated the eggs, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you arranged a table centerpiece combining the flowers with the eggs? What you need? Separate pots for each type of flowers, water and white eggs.

 Easter eggs coloring ideas with simple ingredients

Easter eggs coloring ideas natural dyes flower petals

Following the rules of Easter eggs coloring ideas, you need to use white eggs as they take dye much better. Moreover, this is not a strong dye, but quite delicate. Fill each pot with water and add flower petals. Simmer until they lose their color. This would mean the dye has been extracted. If you think the dye is too pale – add some more petals. Carefully place the eggs in the pots with dye and leave for an hour. Check the color and if it is a bit pale, return the egg into the night. You may leave them in the dye over the night. In the morning you will have amazing colors.

DIY Easter crafts ideas naturally dyed eggs tutorial

Flower petals contain natural dye

Easter eggs coloring ideas eco friendly flower petals

Add the petals to water and simmer to extract the dye

how to dye easter eggs with natural dyes ingredients

Let the eggs sit in the dye for an hour and check the color

Easter eggs decoration ideas naturally dyed eggs holiday crafts tutorial

You may leave them in the dye overnight

Original Easter eggs decoration ideas flowers natural dye

Easter eggs coloring ideas natural dyes health safe

DIY Easter crafts activities naturally dyed eggs safe egg dye

how to dye easter eggs with natural dyes tutorial step by step

how to dye easter eggs with natural dyes step by step tutorial pictures  Easter eggs coloring ideas flower petals

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