DIY Easter decoration – creative and beautiful Easter eggs craft ideas

Easter eggs decoration ideas bright colors

Easter is fast approaching and it is time to prepare yourself for the family celebration with interesting and original Easter eggs craft ideas. We have collected for you some cool ideas on how to dye and decorate Easter eggs. These are a refreshing alternative to the traditional Easter eggs and the final result will surely amaze your family and friends.

Easter eggs craft ideas – how to dye Easter eggs and create colorful designs

how to dye easter eggs easy decorating ideas

When dying Easter eggs you need to follow a few very simple rules. Keep your working space neat and tidy. You would not enjoy splashes of colors all over the place. Prepare your dye in separate bowls and add a spoonful of vinegar in each one of them. You may cut small pieces of adhesive tape in various shapes – square, triangle, circles. Put the stickers on the eggs and create your own colorful style or you can stick down the eggs with tape before dyeing them. Carefully put an egg into each bowl and do not follow the temptation to dye two or three eggs together as there is a danger of breaking them. It is advisable that you use a different spoon for each bowl to avoid mixing of the colors. Once you have dyed all the eggs you have to let them dry and then comes the time to get creative.

Easy and original Easter eggs craft ideas

creative ideas how to dye decorate easter eggs

These Easter eggs craft ideas are fairly simple and a lot of fun to create. A simple idea is to use colorful tissue paper for decorating your Easter eggs. It is very thin and soft and you may create fantastic designs. If you wished to add glamour to your Easter table – use powdered glitter. It can e found in various colors and you may even mix them to have different shades.Some gold leafs will give you the chance to create fantastic golden marbled eggs. Another interesting and original idea is to spread shaving foam on a cookie sheet, add drops of food coloring and swirl with a toothpick. Wrap an egg (boiled and cooled) in the mixture and then let it dry for five minutes. Then wipe off the shaving cream and rinse with water. Get inspired by our ideas and create your own design!

how to dye easter eggs ideas easy easter crafts

Easy marble effect with shaving foam

creative easter egg dye shaving cream food coloring

 Easter eggs decoration with easy motives

how to dye easter eggs simple creative decoration ideas

 Easter egg decoration with adhesive tapes


 Marble effect and golden leaf

Easter eggs craft ideas glittering eggs marble effect gold leaf decoration

Easter egg decoration with tissue paper

Easter eggs craft ideas glittering eggs decoration tissue paper

 Glittering Easter eggs

Easter eggs craft ideas glittering decoration

Crayons will let you create original designs

DIY easter holiday decoration how to dye eggs creative ideas crayons

 Ribbons and beads for Easter egg decoration

DIY Easter eggs craft ideas eggs decoration beads ribbons

DIY holiday decor Easter eggs craft ideas beautiful colors

diy easter eggs crafts ideas mustache eggs for baskets

Easter eggs craft ideas how to dye paper flowers decoration

beautiful easter decoration eggs pink shades


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