Easter egg designs – 25 beautiful and creative ideas

Easter egg designs tips ideas

Easter egg designs include not only dyeing and decorating Easter eggs but some crafts and various techniques.Besides real eggs,you can also create beautiful decorations with Easter eggs made of plastic, wood or styrofoam.You can use anything from paper to yarn to make colorful and cheap Easter decorations.We have gathered 25 ideas to get you inspired for the decoration of your Easter eggs.

Easter egg designs to decorate the house and create a festive atmosphere

glittering easter egg designs easy craft ideas

Easter egg designs and the suggestions that we have for you will give you some ideas for craft projects that will be fun for both adults and children. Quite a simple and not very time consuming idea is to cut and glue various patterns from colored paper on the eggs. Take a paper plate and fill it with paper strips that you make a nest. Then set inside the decorated Easter eggs. Use glittering stones, beads, ribbons, paper napkins and you will have beautiful eggs for the holiday.

 Easter egg designs and coloring ideas

easter egg designs lace strips delicate decoration

You can try dyeing the eggs with natural dyes. They use the natural colors of fruit and vegetables and are perfectly safe and eco-friendly. If you use egg dye you can create various patterns by mixing the colors. Ombre dyed eggs in the colors of your festive decoration can adorn your table. Water paint will allow you to draw beautiful spring flowers on the eggs, or write the names of your family members. Lace strips attached to the egg before dyeing will leave tender and graceful motifs. If you used nail polish you could create original marble effects, but remember that it is not advisable to eat the eggs, if you used that technique.

personalized easter egg designs egg decoration creative ideas

Jewelry eggs decorated with beads

easter egg designs ideas silver beads

Easy ideas for original Easter eggs decoration

easter egg designs decorating ideas colorful tape

Decorating with paper and napkins

easter eggs ideas napkin decoupage pink pattern

Purple eggs with ribbons

purple easter egg dye paper name initial feathers nest

 Colorful plastic eggs as a kids’ project

plastic easter eggs decoration ideas ribbon flowers beads paper grass

easter eggs ideas watercolor paint children crafts

easter eggs ideas table decoration yellow glass vase branches

easter eggs ideas parsley leaf purple pink

easter eggs ideas one color different patterns

easter eggs ideas lentil rice noodles easter crafts

easter eggs ideas easy decoration tulips ribbons

easter eggs ideas crayons gel napkins

Easter eggs decorating ideas paper tape flowers

Easter decoration ideas egg decoration ideas

easter egg designs and decoration ideas paper plate

creative Easter egg designs ideas easy egg decoration

colorful easter eggs color ideas pastel colors

easter egg designs ideas silk tie egg dying

easter egg designs ideas hand painted easter eggs ideas

Easter egg designs techniques ideas cool crafts

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