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Victorian Christmas decorations are the ideal, maybe a bit nostalgic, Christmas theme for those who appreciate the beauty of the times gone by. After all, it is the Victorians who started the tradition of sending our wishes with Christmas cards, they made Christmas trees popular and invented the Christmas crackers, so we have a lot to be thankful for. Some of us love traditional Christmas decorations and nothing is more classic and traditional than Victorian Christmas decorations.


Victorian Christmas decorations – all natural materials


Victorian Christmas decorations Victorian christmas tree decorating

Those of you, who would like to have a real Victorian Christmas, have to understand that all Victorian Christmas decorations are made of natural materials – nothing artificial, nothing plastic if you wanted to immerse yourself into the true Victorian spirit. Pick up a real, natural Christmas tree and use green and red ribbons to decorate it. You can craft your own Victorian Christmas tree ornaments from fabrics, lace, or buy them from stores for antiques. Angels, stars and balls are the classic ornaments. Do not forget the Christmas bells as they are a must for the classic appeal of your Christmas décor. Pine cones and evergreen branches as well as seasonal flowers will add to the joyful spirit of the holiday.


Victorian Christmas decorations for the festive table


Victorian Christmas decorations festive table decoration Christmas dinner


A nativity scene can become the focal point and the ideal table decoration for your Christmas table. Add holly and ivy leaves around and your festive table decoration will be splendid! Remember that festive Christmas lights should be also traditional, so replace the string lights and modern LED lights with candles and lanterns. Christmas angels are another lovely idea for a table centerpiece. You can craft them from paper, to keep the Victorian tradition for elaborate paper decorations or try something simpler like a paper chain. The traditional Christmas gifts were sweets, nuts, fruit and hand-crafted little presents which were hung on the Christmas tree for the family members to find. Enjoy the ideas for Victorian Christmas decorations in the gallery below and get inspired for a classic merry Victorian Christmas!


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