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Creative holiday decoration projects – how to recycle Christmas cards

how to recycle Christmas cards ideas christmas gift tags

The Christmas card has become a tradition and one of the ways to celebrate Christmas and convey our holiday wishes to other people or business partners. They are usually exchanged in the weeks preceding Christmas and sending them is as pleasant as receiving them. Although it is a charming tradition at the end of the holiday season you may end up with a pile of cards and instead of throwing them away we suggest that you store them and use some of these creative holiday decoration projects and the ways to recycle Christmas cards.

How to recycle Christmas cards and turn them into charming decorations

how to recycle Christmas cards ideas  gift toppers monnogram

If you have already found your box with cards from previous years it is the best time to start with the creative projects. To recycle Christmas cards is not at all that difficult. They are so beautiful so it is going to be an easy task to transform them. Perhaps it will be a good idea to turn this into a school project or even some fun raising project. Children would love the prospect to cut, glue and decorate.

Easy crafts and ideas to recycle Christmas cards

how to recycle Christmas cards ideas mini christmas tree

Cards from previous years can be used for making just about anything. With a few ribbons, some wrapping paper, beads or glittering stones you can make original gift tags, Christmas tree ornaments, charming table decorations or gift toppers. You could use tiny frames with cut out trees, Santa Claus, reindeer and they will be an amazing part of your home decor for the holidays. A whole North Pole village can be crafted id you wished to recycle Christmas cards. And no matter if you plan to use these cute creations at home or give them to friends and family, each and everyone of them shall receive your personal touch.

how to recycle Christmas cards ideas kids holiday craft ideas

 A cute idea how to recycle Christmas cards

how to recycle Christmas cards ideas holiday paper craft ideas

  Easy fun crafts for children

DIY christmas activities cubes holiday motif paper letters

 Old Christmas cards can be used in various ways

DIY christmas decoration ideas place card recycled christmas cards

 A gift topper crafted from recycled Christmas cards

DIY christmas gift topper craft ideas paper flower recycle cards

 Christmas tree paper ornaments

DIY christmas tree paper ornaments recycle crads

 Make a festive banner from Christmas cards

Christmas paper decoration garland festive Santa Claus banner recycle cards

 Table top Christmas tree decoration

easy christmas crafts ideas table decoration christmas tree recycle cards

 Christmas figures in white vintage frames

easy to craft christmas decoration ideas recycled cards white frames

 Christmas tree ornaments from recycled cards

how to recycle christmas cards projects tree ornaments snowflakes

 Kids will enjoy the holiday crafts

how to recycle christmas cards tree ornament pinecone

quick and easy christmas decoration ideas holiday wine card

 recycle Christmas card ideas framed ornaments holiday decoration

 recycle Christmas card ideas napkin ring traditional colours red green

 recycle Christmas cards ideas tree ornaments family pictures

holiday projects recycle Christmas cards candle holders with ornament

Christmas craft ideas children recycled cards paper bird beads

easy Chrismas crafts ideas gift topper recycled holiday cards

creative christmas crafts recycle cards houses blue

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